Explosion pressure resistance equipment designed to prevent a transmission of dangerous effects of explosion pressure wave and flames front to upstream areas.
Industrial vacuum cleaning accessories including floor nozzles, wands and a variety of nozzle types for a wide range of applications
Suction hoses and couplers for stationary filters
Industrial vacuum nozzles and on-tool manifolds options for high vacuum applications
Manual and automatic capable vacuum valves designed for use with Nederman central and compact industrial vacuum systems.
Automatic damper and operations box for on hood fan control and automatic fan start capability
Fan contacts and fan controls
Air flow monitoring and measuring
Pre-separators designed for use with Nederman industrial vacuum system to separate larger particulates increasing filter life.
Explosion Isolation Flap Valve B-Flap I - protective system.
Mesa de soldadura y amolado para extraer humos, polvo y partículas de operaciones de soldadura y amolado.
Las cortinas de protección se pueden mover fácilmente para soldar, amolar, tornear, fresar, etc., y son ideales para proteger los lugares de trabajo temporales o permanentes