Insight Control Panel

Control panel solution for complete filtration system control and monitoring purposes.

Insight Control Panels enable control of the entire filtration system. Throughout the system, a series of sensors are installed that collect key performance metrics on the operation of the collector and fed it back to the controller.

Insight Control is a digital touchscreen controller that operates the filtration system, collects sensor data and offers a user-friendly interface. It complies with industrial alarm standards and acts as a gateway to connect to Nederman's cloud-based IIoT platform, Insight. This platform is designed for filtration systems, providing real-time monitoring, visualization and tracking of system performance. Users can access live data via web or mobile devices, enabling effective operation and maintenance of their filtration system.

Nederman Insight control panels for pulse jet cleaned filters are equipped with IntelliPULSE™ technology, which enhances filtration effectiveness and extends the lifespan of filter bags. This technology utilizes an advanced algorithm to maintain a consistent pressure differential (dP) setpoint while minimizing the frequency of filter pulse cleaning. By optimizing the off time between pulses, energy consumption for filter cleaning is significantly reduced. With fewer cleaning cycles, the filters experience fewer micro-tears, leading to a longer filter lifespan and reduced replacement costs.

Insight Control Panels are designed for Nederman SmartFilters.

  • Entire filtration system control of extraction, filter cleaning, dust handling and storage for Nederman SmartFilters, including complete system monitoring with available series of sensors.
  • Enhanced system control: IntelliPULSE™ filter cleaning control algorithm lowering emissions, compressed air consumption, maintenance time and improving capture and system safety; extraction fan control with either VFD control, Y/D or DOL fan start.
  • Enhanced touch screen with modern and intuitive Human Machine Interface.
  • Insight Ready having gateway integrated, which allows to connect to Nederman‘s cloud based IIoT platform Insight.

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Certificaciones CE
Case de protección IP 66, NEMA 4
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