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LBR SmartFilter

LBR SmartFilter is a reverse air style baghouse suitable for industrial dust collection applications including the wood industry (furniture, cabinetry, windows, doors, flooring, particle board, MDF, building materials, marine, sawmills), agriculture (seed transportation and cleaning), waste / recycling, paper, plastic and other bulk materials. LBR SmartFilters are IIoT ready, energy efficient solutions designed for continuous duty operation for air volumes up to 500 000 m3/h (300,000 ft3/min) and available in both overpressure (positive) or vacuum (negative) fan arrangements. Four base product models are available each with different dust handling systems that are selected based upon the amount and material being collected. Each model is modular and configurable for unique customer requirements and meets all applicable ATEX and NFPA combustible dust requirements. With over 35,000 installations globally and over 75+ years of experience, the LBR is a proven solution from a brand you can trust.