Durable Industrial Hose Reels and Industrial Cable Reels

We produce industrial hose and cable reels that will last through decades and will perform with excellence no matter the circumstances. With passion and long and unrivaled competence we design our reels from the inside out and combining the best parts into a solid unit – creating loyal friends that will do the job no matter the circumstances. Durable reels you will use for decades.

With the Nederman industrial hose and cable reels in your business you create a better workplace without the risk of having hoses and cables on the floor. We got the reels you need including water, electricity, oil, cable, ethanol, data and more. For different needs and industries. With Nederman reels you get solutions that are of high quality, easy to mount, easy to use and improve the efficiency and safety in your business.

Long experience in many industries

We have been working with hose reels and cable reels for decades and know how to make a reel that give you an easy to use product that last for many years. For vehicle services, industrial kitchen areas, heavy industries, bakery or any other industry. Our stainless steel reel is constructed from the inside and out and have a unique design that makes cleaning easy and apply to international hygienic requirements for the food processing industry. We also know the specific demands on the hoses based on used media (water, oil, grease etc).

Testing for a sustainable workday 

We test our reels rigorously from the tiniest part to the full unit, so they can be used for many years, no matter the circumstances. Testing  swivels, cable and hose quality, for leakage, retraction capabilities, the drums ability to withstand temperature changes, impact and more. We make the utmost to create reels that stands the test of time whatever the challenges.

Buying Nederman reels is a long lasting and stable relationship. They are loyal friends that do the job.

Loyal friends through decades

Nederman controls everything from the development to the production, testing and delivery. All our knowledge and experience is used in every detail and built into the product. With a Nederman hose and cable reel you get our long experience and knowledge in one package.