Air Filtration 4.0 enables reduced energy consumption

Woodworking Industry

With energy costs constantly rising, many organisations are looking for effective ways to reduce their consumption. Despite many industries being at the forefront of energy optimisation and technological development, filtration solutions have been overlooked and stalled - something that Nederman aims to change.

The need for clean air and optimised airflow is vital in most industries. Despite this, the development of the air filtration industry has stagnated - until now.

By combining digital solutions with traditional air filtration, industries can now seamlessly connect to their filtration products by a computer or smart phone, to ensure that everything works properly. Magnus Edmén, Nederman Head of Sales in EMEA, believes that this will lead to a significantly better working environment as well as reduced costs. 

Digitalisation and optimisation

Despite that large parts of the industry are at the forefront of technological development, the filtration system has fallen behind. Edmén believes that many see filtration as a necessary evil.

- Filtration is vital in for example the wood and metal industry, as the dust from the processes can be highly explosive, or simply prevent continued production. However, filtration can mean high energy consumption and therefore result in high costs.

With long experience and both global and local players, Nederman has been at the forefront for a long time. The combination of digital advantages, such as automated processes, the availability of operational data and experienced technicians means great opportunities for optimisation. It is this combination and the technical advantages that enable large energy savings.

- The system is implemented and assembled during installation or directly at an existing system. Through algorithms and logic, the system can then minimise energy consumption based on the current filtration needs, says Edmén

Many industries have their fan system active around the clock as it could have major consequences, like those mentioned above, if the fan was turned off during production. However, this results in high energy consumption, which according to Edmén, is completely unnecessary.

- Our system cooperates with the rest of the equipment and results in a production and technology that is in harmony and interaction with each other. If the fan is not needed at a certain time, it will not be activated and therefore not consume any energy.

The importance of a good working environment

Edmén states that all this is basically about creating a good working environment, for both people and the planet.

- Air filtration is not only vital for production and reduced energy consumption but also for the well-being of people and the planet. Some production waste, such as welding fumes, for example, are carcinogenic and other chemicals can be harmful to nature. So it is vital for most industries to invest in a system that is both ecologically and economically sustainable - for everyone, he says, concluding: 

- Our high-quality technology, combined with our digital services, gives our products greater flexibility and performance compared to other products. But fundamentally, our technological success is about creating clean air that protects people, planet and production.

Magnus Edmén
VP E&FT / Head of Sales Area EMEA Sales

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