Nederman sets its sights on the Internet of Things

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In order to accomplish this mission even more efficiently in the near future, our company is setting its sights squarely on the Internet of Things (IoT), with the Nederman Insight platform.

Nederman’s core competency is supplying clean air to take the processing industry to the next level – for people, machines and the environment. In order to accomplish this mission even more efficiently in the near future, our company is setting its sights squarely on the Internet of Things (IoT), with the Nederman Insight platform. 

Nederman stands at the dawn of a revolutionary innovation in its expanded product and service line for filter systems. Our company is dedicated to retaining our position as global leader in the supply of clean air meeting the most stringent requirements. 'We help clients achieve a cleaner and more efficient production process, a safer workspace and a cleaner environment,' offers Jan van Doorn, Solution Sales Manager at Nederman in Amersfoort. 'We do that by optimising the air technology side of their processes from beginning to end. Everything from dust extraction at the source, to reducing emissions to the environment.

Johan Keetbaas (l) and Jan van Doorn help clients achieve cleaner and more efficient production processes, safer workspaces and a cleaner environment.


The Nederman Insight program is a digital solution that provides clients with insight into the actual functioning of their filter systems. We distinguish three consecutive functions here:

  • Performance Tracking: information on filter system performance
  • Process Optimisation: use of knowledge to optimise processes
  • Compliance: emissions monitoring and documentation


The processing industry is constantly striving for better quality and lower costs, while also meeting increasingly stringent rules and regulations in areas such as the environment, safety and working conditions. 'We see that our clients must constantly adapt themselves to a changing world,’ observes Product Sales Manager Johan Keetbaas. ‘So we need to change with it. That’s precisely what we’ve been doing for the past few decades, and we’ll continue to do so in the future. That’s why we’ve launched the “Nederman Insight” platform, which is strongly rooted in Industry 4.0, or the Internet of Things.’


For some time now, it has not been enough simply to provide the best filter technology. Filter cloths are available everywhere, and in excellent quality. In principle, everyone has access to these materials. Nederman's added value lies first and foremost in the knowledge and experience gained from hundreds of applications. 'The trick is to find the right solution for the specific application,' imparts Jan van Doorn. 'Over the past decades, we have earned our stripes in this area. However, our clients have since gained much of this expertise themselves. This challenges us to go a step further, so we can take our clients to the next level.'


A key aspect of the value added by Nederman in Amersfoort is our expertise in the area of explosion safety. ‘This knowledge is indispensable,’ relates Solution Sales Manager Jan van Doorn. ‘After all, we regularly carry out projects involving flammable substances, as well as substances in classes St1 and St2. That’s why every Nederman location has Atex specialists on hand.’
carz n explosion isolation flap

Nederman Insight

The new technology that Nederman will roll out in its products and services in the near future will result in significant quality improvements and cost reductions in dedusting processes. The 'next level' will be introduced on the global market under the name 'Nederman Insight', an IoT platform consisting of hardware installed in Nederman products and software that communicates with the cloud.

'Essentially this involves the development and integration of sensors into our dust filters, which will open up a treasure trove of measurement data,' explains Johan Keetbaas. 'This data will allow us to monitor the functioning of the dedusting systems, including remotely. For instance, we can measure the pressure drop, air speeds, temperatures and emission values. These parameters give is indications for values such as the useful life of filters, which enables preventive maintenance and other benefits.’


Jan van Doorn emphasises the importance of this technology for the client. 'Just think about the amount of time and money it saves if you prevent an unplanned stoppage by replacing your filters on time! Preventive maintenance can be completed in minimal time because qualified installers are on hand, as are the required materials and spare parts.

But Nederman Insight has much more to offer as well. Ultimately, the monitoring and collection of data from dedusting systems will provide deeper insight into the dedusting process. ‘Our design offices in Germany and Poland can use this data to create even more efficient designs for components and systems,’ adds Johan Keetbaas. ‘This ultimately benefits our clients as well.’


Nederman recently acquired Norwegian firm NEO Monitors AS, a leading producer of gas and dust analysers based on laser technology. This company has installed over 11,000 instruments in more than 40 countries.

NEO Monitors will become part of the Nederman Digital Solutions division. This acquisition fits in with the development of the IoT (Internet of Things) platform Nederman Insight, specifically for performance tracking in filter systems.

Digital Solutions

To achieve Nederman Insight’s ambitious goals, the company set up the Digital Solutions department. This division is a kind of staff service department specifically created to develop digital solutions for a complete ecosystem of services, in combination with a robust infrastructure for the IoT platform. Suitable for both new and existing Nederman systems. ‘Since 2016, we have been conducting pilot studies in different industrial segments,’ notes Jan van Doorn. ‘Nederman Insight has incorporated the findings from these studies. New services and solutions are gradually being added. This way, not only are we expanding our product and service offer, we can also enter into partnerships with clients that were not previously possible.’

Jos Verleg - BULK Magaine 7 Dec 2017