MCP Air Purification Tower- Facility wide, ambient clean air solutions

Take control of your industrial air filtration with the most advanced dust collection technology

Facility wide ambient filtration systems

The Nederman MCP Air Purification Tower (APT) is a continuous duty filtration solution designed to protect workers from airborne hazards in fabrication environments. As a stand-alone or complementary solution, the APT captures dust and fume suspended in the air, filters and returns clean air in favorable air-flow patterns to maintain clean air.

Because the APT does not require overhead duct, it offers a convenient and economical solution for many welding or nuisance dust applications when source capture using extraction arms or local hoods may not be practical or or sufficient to achieve compliance.

Ambient air solutions can be applied as a single unit for small operations (when local legislation allows) or strategically arranged in an array to protect large, complex production areas. The design and technology included within the APT makes the product easy to operate and maintain making it a great addition to a wide range of factories.

Ambient applications

Where source capture may not be practical or is in-sufficient to meet air-quality standards, ambient filtration can be a great way to achieve air quality goals. 

  • Welding on large fabrications that require a large degree of movement
  • Additional layer of air filtration to complement source capture or on-torch fume extraction
  • Areas where overhead obstructions such as cranes prevent duct from being used
  • Frequent relocation of source extraction arms that negatively impact productivity
  • General ventilation or nuisance dust that needs to be filtered 

Benefits of proper weld fume extraction

Whether the application is small or large, simple or complex, manual or automated, we assess each customers’ unique needs and provides solutions that effectively and efficiently protect your workers and factory. We can help review local regulations and recommend a path to compliance.

  • Worker Health and Safety - Exposure to weld fume proven to cause respiratory diseases including cancer
  • Productivity - Improved air quality is proven to improve cognitive ability and reduce absenteeism which drives productivity gains with your workforce
  • Regulatory Compliance - Exceeding permissible exposure limits (PEL) for materials found in weld fume can open the organization up to fines or increase insurance rates
  • Welder Recruitment - Welder shortages are expected to get worse.  Clean, safe workplaces help your business stand apart from competition and attract the best welding talent

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    Optimal airflow design 

    The MCP APT was designed using Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) software to evaluate the flow, velocity and geometry required to create an optimal recirculation pattern that effectively entrains fume and returns clean air to the workspace. 

    air purification Tower  

    Developed airflow pattern that returns clean air and helps capture fume and contaminants. 

    Computational Fluid Dynamics

    Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) plot illustrating the air velocity and the developed airflow patterns resulting from the APT.

    Two base APT models

    The Air Purification Tower is available in two different versions that cover simple, single tower and large-scale multi-unit applications. Nederman’s technical sales team will collect the information about your process and facility and configure a solution that meets your needs. Each model is also available with a Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) to provide further airflow control, reduce noise level and minimise energy consumption.

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    Ambient filtration compliments source capture to maximise safety

    To meet the stringent air quality standards and Permissible Exposure Limits (PELs), the Air Purification Tower is often paired with on-torch or mobile fume extraction products. This is a common approach for large parts or where interior welds may be present. Source capture provides direct worker protection with the APT complimenting through general air cleaning. Nederman has the most complete line of fume extraction solutions in the world and works with fabricators to tailor a solution to their specific needs. 

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    myAir Service & Support

    Maintaining fume and dust extraction systems are essential to keep workers safe, reduce fire risks and improved sustainability. To help fabricators better manage these systems we have developed the myAir service platform for our line of filtration products.

    The myAir service platform includes a range of services including traditional on-site inspection and maintenance services, as well as a connected, digital monitoring service called Nederman Insight. With this comprehensive platform customers can proactively address filter-related issues and improve their overall operational efficiency.

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