PAK-M sets a new benchmark for compact vacuum units for fume and combustible dust

A complete range for extraction and filtration in standard and ATEX applications – replacing E-PAK

The new PAK-M series consisting of PAK-m and PAK-M DX is more energy-efficient while increasing performance in all parameters all thanks to the built-in Variable Frequency Drive (VFD). With several new features and models added, the PAK-M range is more complete than ever.

PAK-M is a frequency controlled high vacuum dust collector suitable for non-combustible dust and fume applications

  • Designed for extraction of welding fume (incl. on-torch), grinding-, sanding or other non-combustible dust
  • Suitable for cleaning applications such as cleaning the workplace, shop floor or extraction directly from a production line, handling e.g. granulate, grit or swarf
  • Typical areas of application can be found in welding shops, car body shops, construction industries and industrial laundries, generally serving from 1 up to 5 simultaneous extraction points or users

PAK-M DX is the optimal solution for combustible dust applications

  • Designed for extraction of combustible dust from grinding, sanding or other dust generation processes including on-tool extraction
  • Suitable for cleaning the workplace, shop floor or extraction directly from a production line handling e.g. granulate, grit or swarf
  • Typical areas of application can be found in construction or manufacturing industries such as bakeries 


Benefits with the PAK-M series

  • Increased performance - significantly higher airflow than the predecessor E-PAK and E-PAK DX
  • Energy efficient – VFD gives low running costs
  • Long filter life – efficient filter cleaning initiated based on filter loading
  • Increased user safety and constant airflow – fulfilling ISO 21904, suitable for on-torch
  • Low noise level – quieter working environment
  • Low installation costs – delivered complete with VFD – plug and play ready
  • Compact and modular design – saving shop floor space and transport costs
  • Optional PLC Control Box – offering extensive control capabilities when desired 
  • Prepared for IoT – ready for digital monitoring and cloud connection
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PAK-M- saves energy and running costs

PAK-M controls the speed of the motor automatically using a VFD and is thereby able to maintain a constant vacuum selected by the user on the control panel. It is ideal for on-torch extraction of welding fume in compliance with ISO 21904 and ensures minimum power consumption. The energy saving is typically 50% or more in comparison to units without a VFD. PAK-M can be set to generate as much vacuum as possible for applications with long piping, material transportation or cleaning. Automatic vacuum valves offer further energy savings by controlling the dust collector with a pilot signal to only provide suction when an operation is ongoing - but can also be used to increase the number of working points if not all are used simultaneously.

PAK-M is intuitively controlled by the panel of VFD as standard but can be upgraded with a separate PLC for enhanced control capabilities. Thanks to the efficient silencers and acoustic enclosure the PAK-M can be fit into normally noise sensitive premises. The VFD runs the PAK-M at the lowest possible speed needed to maintain the desired suction, further reducing the noise level.

To ensure high efficiency filtration and effective filter cleaning, PAK-M is delivered with a ePTFE filter with an optional secondary filter. By rapidly opening a cleaning valve, a powerful blast of reversed airflow is created, efficiently dislodging dust from the filter bags. Filter cleaning is initiated based on how much dust is loaded into the filter (on-demand, dP-controlled) or alternatively, timer based, ensuring minimum total number of cleaning cycles and thereby increased filter life. 

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PAK-M DX- where safety comes first

Just like the standard version, the PAK-M DX uses a VFD to maintain the vacuum level selected by the user on the control panel – thereby offering substantial energy savings. There are two main versions available; PAK-M DX with a relief panel for release of explosion pressure and flame or PAK-M DX equipped with a flameless venting system that could be used indoors, the latter with variants suited for organic or metallic dust respectively. All versions are offered with two antistatic filter options, both cleanable; a Polyester filter with a Class-M control filter or, a high-efficiency PTFE filter with a H14 control filter, for increased cleaning efficiency and longer filter life in more demanding applications. With safety as main focus, a complete range of sensors alert the user of any malfunction or potentially dangerous situation and minimises impact of a dust explosion.

All in all, the range comprises six DX-variants, all delivered as plug-and-play units, forming a complete EX-range suitable for almost any ATEX application with 1-5 users.

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myAir Service & Support

Maintaining fume and dust extraction systems are essential to keep workers safe, reduce fire risks and improved sustainability. To help fabricators better manage these systems we have developed the myAir service platform for our line of filtration products.

The myAir service platform includes a range of services including traditional on-site inspection and maintenance services, as well as a connected, digital monitoring service called Nederman Insight. With this comprehensive platform customers can proactively address filter-related issues and improve their overall operational efficiency.

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