Mobile Filters and Compact Filters

Industrial vacuum cleaners, mobile filters and compact filters

Mobile- and compact filters for extraction of dust, combustible dust, fumes and smoke are easy to move around your workshop to wherever the extraction is needed. Nederman’s efficient and easy-to-use solutions to avoid being exposed to dangerous airborne fumes and dust. Protect your workers, your production and the environment.
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Mobile filter unit for light welding and extraction applications. The extraction arm includes an integrated spotlight, which optimizes the user-friendly design.
Flexible and modular portable welding fume and dust extractor that solves most common demands regarding welding fumes and non-combustible dust. Accessories can be attached to improve individual applications. Can be combined to work as a mobile unit or as a fixed mounted unit.
For extraction of welding fume, grinding dust, metal turnings, composite materials, dust and particles but also as a central extraction unit for cleaning systems for workplaces and machines.
The Fume Eliminator 24/7 line offers mobile units to capture welding fumes at source, with on-torch extraction or nozzles. It is for one or two welders, with continuous run motor, automatic cleanable filter and is W3 approved.
Industrial Vacuum Cleaners to be used for collection, extraction and separation of dust, particles, granulates and liquids in many different applications.
The Fume Eliminator is designed to be carried to the working area. Connected to a welding torch or to an extraction nozzle, the Fume Eliminator unit extracts the fume directly at source.
Ideal solution for removing dust and fumes in all types of industries. Typical areas of applications can be found in welding shops, car body shops, construction industries, bakeries, industrial laundries, etc. The L-PAK is also perfect for cleaning of the workplace and the workshop floor.
Self contained vacuum unit for capturing welding fume and dust. The unit has automatic start/stop and automatic filter cleaning. Filter separation in two stages.
A self-contained downdraft table used for extraction and filtering of dust from materials like composite, plastic, fiberglass and wood in lighter processes such as sanding, de-burring, finishing, fettling, ingredient weighing etc. Available in three different sizes.
Compact cartridge filter for decentralized indoor air cleaning, where air recovery is possible.
Solves the need of cleaning the air from particles, smoke, dust, gases and smells. Typical applications are TIG and spot welding, laboratory extraction, food ingredients and odours and chemical handling.
Designed for free hanging applications to control light airborne dust/smoke in a contaminated air stream.
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