Protecting workers and facilities in the food manufacturing industry

Managing dust in the food manufacturing industry is critical for ensuring both food safety and worker health

Processing common ingredients including grain, flour, starches, nuts, sugar, cocoa, milk powders and numerous spices and additives, produce airborne dusts that could lead to sanitation issues, cross-contamination, combustible dust and health risks if not properly controlled. Therefore effective dust collection systems are essential to safeguard both product quality and workplace safety.

Total solution provider of dust collection in food manufacturing and food processing

As the world's leading provider of industrial air pollution control equipment, Nederman is your total solution provider of dust collection in food manufacturing and food processing. With our broad solution range, experience and expertise we guide you through the challenges and help you improve the efficiency and safety of your workers, product and facility.

Sustainable and energy efficient food processing operation

Energy efficiency is a growing need for many manufacturers to offset rising costs and meet sustainability goals. From how the dust is extracted, filtered and maintained, the dust collection system has a significant impact on sustainable operations. 

Compliance with ATEX and NFPA combustible dust standards 

Food processing is often using organic materials which in most cases are combustible. According to the Dust Safety Science Mitigating annual report, the food and agricultrual industry experienced the most combustible dust incidents. Therefore, risks in the dust collection system in accordance with ATEX and NFPA standards is essential for worker and facility safety. 

Worker health and safety in the food manufacturing industry

The food manufacturing industry is highly regulations. Standards for worker health and safety regarding dust exposure limits and combustible dust need to be understood. Product materials and maintenance/cleaning procedures also may be important to maintain food safety. 

Increased food manufacturing productivity and process efficiency

Food processing facilities often operate continuously so the reliability and ability of the dust collection system to handle those demands and avoid downtime is critical. With today's technique, you can monitor your filtration system performance whenever, wherever. Our digital monitoring module and digital service offering help you to always keep your productivity and efficiency on top.

Did you know?

According to Dust Safety Science's 2022 Annual Combustible Dust Incident Report, the Agriculture & Food Products had the highest incident rate of any industry.

Dust collection solutions for your food manufacturing facility

Whether mixing, conveying, bulk material handling, house cleaning or other, we have the solutions for simple and complex food processing dust needs. Find out more to fit your needs in the categories below.


Combustible Dust Dust Collection Industrial Housekeeping

We have the solutions, expertise and experience to deliver clean air solutions to the food manufacturing industry

  • Industry expertise and experience: Clean air experts since 1944 with thousands of successful installations throughout the world
  • Combustible dust expertise: Global leader on ATEX and NFPA compliance and leverage that knowledge through the design, installation and maintenance process
  • Solution range: Our range of exhaust and high vacuum dust collectors allow us to meet unique customer needs
  • Quality and reliability: Solutions engineered with high quality and reliability to ensure longevity and avoid costly downtime
  • Global presence: Regional sales offices and partner networks uniquely positions Nederman for supporting customers anywhere in the globe
  • Sustainability: A commitment to sustainable, clean air solutions that are energy efficient and reclaim waste material

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