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Complete smart filter solutions allow you to get the most out of your air filtration


The implementation of smart filters, thanks to IoT technology, is a major development in the area of industrial air filtration. However, it is in many ways merely the first step toward having a more intelligent, user-friendly and complete air filtration solution in place. The combination of smarter filtration products, IIoT technology, and service & support specific to the customer’s unique needs presents opportunities that can improve the overall system performance and reduce the cost of ownership.

How can factories and workshops comply with stricter chrome-6 regulations?


Several European countries have recently lowered their national chrome-6/chrome (VI) limit values, in some cases down to 0,001 mg/m3. That is a rather sharp reduction from the already comparatively low EU limit value of 0,005 mg/m3. This development has probably only just begun, and we can expect these limit values to decrease even further in the years to come – not only in Europe. So, what measures can companies take to adapt to these new regulations, and protect their personnel from chrome-6 exposure?

How to ensure clean air in an industrial workplace


Having clean air in the factory or workshop is a must for companies who wish to stay attractive and competitive. Clean air in industrial environments has gone from being an apparent contradiction to becoming a convenient, cost-saving reality, with numerous benefits to your personnel, productivity, and company brand.

Nederman Insight: Anytime, Anyplace, Anywhere


The benefits of a proactive predictive maintenance strategy, where work on a piece of equipment is carried out just before it is predicted to fail, are well known; less unplanned equipment downtime so fewer expensive process interruptions, lower total cost of ownership, longer equipment life and better efficiency, as well maintained equipment performs better. However, one downside is that it can be labour intensive where when manual data acquisition needs to be carried out. Of course, an ignored problem often turns into something far worse and ultimately more costly. Ignorance may not be bliss after all.