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LEV Testing, The Law, Nederman and You


If you have just installed or upgraded your Local Exhaust Ventilation equipment, you may not have thought about how and when you need to have it tested, perhaps you've had it in place for a while and you're wondering whether you need to have it tested or when the test should be done.

The health risks with dust and fume


Airborne dust and fume are prevalent within a wide range of industries and work facilities. While these substances are often hazardous to human health – many even being carcinogenic – awareness of the problem remains limited. Fortunately, it is an issue that has started to receive more attention, and one where proper fume extraction equipment and control procedures can vastly improve working conditions.

How FibreDrain technology streamlines oil smoke and oil mist filtration


Oil smoke and oil mist are hazardous to human health, and may lead to a variety of problems when emitted in a work environment. The techniques used to clean the air from oil particles in industrial facilities have often proven to be inefficient at best, and inadequate at worst. Only a filter solution with both a high collection capacity and excellent drainage properties will be able to remove these particles in an economical way, even in environments and applications where oil mist and oil smoke are especially prevalent.

Changes to HSE legislation brings tougher enforcement on mild steel welding fume extraction


In February 2019 the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) issued bulletin STSU1-2019 which has significant implications for all those working in the welding industry. The HSE issued a change to their legislation which enables them to pursue tougher enforcement on mild steel fume extraction. The bulletin stated, “There is new scientific evidence that exposure to all welding fume, including mild steel welding fume, can cause lung cancer.”, with limited evidence to show that it can also cause kidney cancer.

The benefits and challenges of robotic welding and welding fume extraction


Robotic welding has gone from being an almost exclusive feature of the automobile industry to becoming an increasingly popular standard solution within a wide variety of industrial sectors. It is a technology that comes with many significant benefits, yet also a number of challenges; one of them being the issue of fume extraction.