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The Search For The UK's Oldest Reel


Nederman was founded 75 years ago based on the simple idea that we could make a better hose reel, we know they were designed to last but it seems some last longer than others...

How to increase safety in neat oil applications


While highly useful in many different industrial processes, neat oil can be a challenging substance to handle. The fact that it is a fire hazard is widely known, but the general awareness surrounding its aerosol emissions is generally much lower.

Nederman’s history is building your future.


Airmaster, Disa, and Dantherm are all still well-known and trusted names within the air filtration industry. Where should you go for spare parts? Nederman, of course.

LEV Testing, The Law, Nederman and You


If you have just installed or upgraded your Local Exhaust Ventilation equipment, you may not have thought about how and when you need to have it tested, perhaps you've had it in place for a while and you're wondering whether you need to have it tested or when the test should be done.

The health risks with dust and fume


Airborne dust and fume are prevalent within a wide range of industries and work facilities. While these substances are often hazardous to human health – many even being carcinogenic – awareness of the problem remains limited. Fortunately, it is an issue that has started to receive more attention, and one where proper fume extraction equipment and control procedures can vastly improve working conditions.