Service Agreements

Service When You Need

With the Nederman Service Care Agreement we can contribute to your continuity of operation, your profitability and your compliance with the regulations concerning air quality and emissions in the working environment.

Your filter equipment is critical to operations, Health and Safety, Product Quality and compliance with local legislation are essential. Preventing down time of your Filter installation can reduce the risk of production interruption, optimisation of energy and compressed air consumption can result in considerable cost savings. Adequate maintenance of your installations will reduce your total costs of ownership and helps secure your continuous operation.

The Standardised Nederman Service Care Agreements are designed to help you to secure the performance of your Filter installations including:-

  • Functionality
  • Emission levels
  • On Spec. Air Quality
  • Energy effectiveness & consumption
  • Operational Availability
  • Reduced down time

Service Care Agreement Benefits:

  • Inspection
  • Visual inspection (damage, leakages etc.)
  • Functional inspection (pressure drop, outlet air quality)
  • Control box inspection (visual & functionality)
  • Energy performance check
  • Reporting
  • Full inspection report including recommendations & maintenance prediction
  • Certificate of performance measure for authorities
  • Yearly review of potential upgrades to the system
  • Yearly updated strategic operational spare part advice
  • Preventive Maintenance Service Package tailored to the specific usage
  • Availability of spare parts
  • All standard parts available in case of emergency (within hours)
  • Priority handling of non-standard spare part request
  • Discount Spares not included in the agreed maintenance -15% -10% -5%
  • Reduced service rates (included for inspection and the preventive maintenance)
  • Reduced service rates for regular repairs -10% -5%
  • Reduced emergency rates -15% -10%
  • Fixed rates for travelling and accommodation
  • Extended Warranty (months) 18 12 6


Based on inspections a full report in line with your Service Care Agreement will be prepared. The report will give advice on the coming operating period and preventative maintenance activities. The report will help you to plan your preventative maintenance and maintenance budgets.

Depending on the level of your agreement, a full operational inspection report to keep you compliant will be provided. Unexpected breakdowns are sometimes unavoidable and for production critical systems spare part stock is recommended and can reduce your down time considerably. The recommended spare part stock should be minimised and is dependent on your operational situation, the condition of your installation and the availability of spare parts at Nederman.

Extended Warranty

We believe in the effect of good maintenance and we can offer with new delivered installations an extended warranty if a Nederman Service Care Agreement is signed within 6 months after hand over (for details see overview) Full registration of your new installation including contact persons on both side will be recorded.