Mobile lubrication dispensing equipment

Mobile lube equipment to carry new oil, liquids and greases.

Manually controlled drum trolleys and small mobile tanks are suitable for effective handling of low, medium and high-viscosity oils, fluids and greases. Flexible mobile units in a range of specifications that can feed new fluids of all kinds in an environmentally friendly way.

Kit 61Ltr oil dispenser

ArtNo: 30505750

61 l
Kit 208Ltr trolley

ArtNo: 30505850

208 l
Kit 208Ltr trolley with reel

ArtNo: 30505950

208 l
Portable grease pump, kit 20-30KG

ArtNo: 30505450

20-30 kg
Portable grease pump, kit 50-60KG

ArtNo: 30505250

50-60 kg
Portable grease pump, kit 180-220KG

ArtNo: 30505350

180-220 kg
Air operated oil dispenser

ArtNo: 30594950

Pressure sprayer 30L

ArtNo: 30581550

30 l

Accessories for this product 2

Trolley 4-wheel 20-60kg
ArtNo: 30505150

Modular trolley, entirely galvanised, suitable for handling 20 - 60 kg containers. Equipped with 2 fixed wheels and 2 castors, it is very easy to handle.

ArtNo: 30508750

Modular trolleys, entirely galvanised, for 180 - 220 kg drums. Equipped with 2 fixed wheels and 2 castors, a drum clamping device, adjustable side support for hooking the gun and hose or other accessories