Dust extraction solutions for composite machining industries

Production Efficient Composite Machining 

Dust collection improves health of machinery and workers

Damage to machinery and malfunctions are not only caused by mechanical wear, dust generated during composite machining can impact  maintenance frequency and machinery uptime. With Nederman dust extraction and filtration solutions, dust can be safely and efficiently removed to protect production machinery and improve workers health and safety leading to improved plant effeciency. 

Assured product quality and finish

A clean production environment is essential for the quality and finish of the product. The smallest particle of dust can have devastating consequences. Smooth, dust-free surfaces are decisive for achieving maximum adhesion when joining components made of composites. This is an area where no compromises can be tolerated when producing aircraft parts, for example, or propellers for wind turbines. That is why the world’s leading car and boat manufacturers buy equipment from Nederman to ensure the best results.

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