Woodworking dust collection in one of Europe’s largest woodworking companies

Houtstofafzuiging LBR SmartFilter

To handle the large volume of dust from the wood production, Nederman provided a future-proof woodworking dust collection solution to extract, filter, transport and recycle the sawdust in a safe and efficient way.

What started out as a small sawmill in Germany is today one of the largest woodworking companies in Europe, with 1600 employees divided at 6 locations around Europe. The German plant, which produces timber, wood for household gardens, wood briquettes, packaging wood, and more, has a capacity of handling as much as 650,000m³ of sawn and planed timber annually.

The challenges with woodworking dust collection

The sawdust chips generated during various woodworking processes have to be collected, transported and filtered carefully to avoid the risk of fire and explosions. The German company was facing challenges in handling the large magnitude of 20 tons of chips per hour that had to be transported to containers, silos, incineration, or palletization. They needed a safe and efficient dust collection solution with low energy consumption to create a more efficient production, a healthier work environment, and to comply with current combustible dust regulations.

ATEX compliant dust collection system

To handle the large magnitude of chips and dust and to extract an air volume of over 180,000 m³/h safely Nederman installed 6 LBR SmartFilter units, with Combifab F fans and CARZ Explosion Isolation Valves, all individually designed and dimensioned for each application. Energy efficient blowers with high efficiencies, IE3 motors, and exact operating points by means of frequency converters facilitated transportation of the chips over hundreds of meters, to then be briquetted or pelletized at central outlets.

The solution is a safe and ATEX-compliant solution with low operating and maintenance costs, thus, generating significant energy savings for the production as well as the added value from the recycling of the chips.

Main benefits with the dust collection solution provided:

  • Complete solution and installation
  • ATEX-compliant
  • Energy efficient
  • IIoT ready

The biggest value for the customer:

  • Healthier and safer working environment
  • Reduced environmental impact
  • Added value from the recycling of chips
  • Energy savings

Do you need any help with woodworking dust collection?

Whether your operation is small or large, we help you by providing the right solution for your needs. Contact your local clean air expert to find out how you can ensure a safer and more efficient woodworking operation.

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