Fan Inverter

Frequency control for Nederman fans in process ventilation systems.

Frequency control to maintain a constant system pressure

Nederman Fan Inverter is a frequency controller that is preprogrammed with an extraction fan application for Nederman fans. It is equipped with a pressure sensor and a PID controller that can maintain a constant negative pressure in an extraction system.

As a result, Nederman Fan Inverter can maintain an almost constant airflow in extraction devices. The fan capacity is regulated to the actual demand of the airflow, depending on the number of extraction devices in use at the same time.

Nederman Fan Inverter comes with a clear multi- language display to easily view and change settings.

Save Energy with Nederman Fan Inverter

The benefit of using Nederman Fan Inverter is that it reduces running costs, heat loss to the atmosphere and noise levels. It conserves energy and improves performance by regulating the system’s power usage as the demand from extraction devices increases or decreases.

  • Preprogrammed for quick and easy commissioning
  • Clear multi- language display for information and settings
  • Fan timer included for automatic fan start/stop
  • Built-in motor overload protection and energy counter
  • Pressure supervision

Technical data
Certifications CE
Installation Indoor

AccessoriesAppliesToProduct 16

Transformer 230/250V to 24V, 25 VA
ArtNo: 10363189

Transformer 25va. 220-240v. 25va.

Airflow indicator 500-4500 Pa
ArtNo: 10375373

Air flow indicator 500-4500 Pa

Airflow indicator 40-600 Pa
ArtNo: 10375374

Air flow indicator 40-600 Pa

Alarm flashlight amber 24V AC/DC 2W
ArtNo: 12374651

Flashlight amber 24V AC/DC 2W

Hose 6/4. 100m.
ArtNo: 14372082

Hose 6/4. 100m.

Remote switch Fan Timer, with overtime control
ArtNo: 14374157

Remote switch-Fan Timer

Connection box with relay
ArtNo: 14374307

Connection box with relay

Pressure sensor kit 2000Pa
ArtNo: 14376378

Pressure sensor kit 2000Pa

Control cable USB-RS485
ArtNo: 14376596

Control cable USB-RS485

Pressure sensor kit 5000Pa
ArtNo: 14376597

Pressure sensor kit 5000Pa

STO and ATEX therm. option board, varn, PTC
ArtNo: 14377016

STO and ATEX therm. option board, varn, PTC