Pre separator S50, mobile

Mobile pre-separator S50 for liquid collection

Mobile pre-separator for collecting and recycling of oil, cutting fluid, coolant, water and other non-flammable liquids. Perfect formachining and process industries, drilling, milling and turning.
A float ball automatically shut off the suction flow when the container is full. The mobile pre-separator is equipped with a tippable container for easy discharge of collected liquids. The inlet and outlet diameter is 51 mm (2 in) for coupler (43930101 and 43930102).
In most vacuum collection and transport systems a pre-separation of the collected material, before the material reaches the filter is very important. To avoid clogging in the extraction unit using a preseparator is fundamental. The pre-separator is connected before a high vacuum unit.

Pre separator S50 mobil, volume 67l.

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Basket S50
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Basket S50