Industrial vacuum cleaner 115 A

Industrial dry vacuum cleaner for workshop cleaning

Air powered industrial vacuum cleaner with a single container system, designed for the collection of dry or wet materials over short distances. Versatile vacuum for use in diverse industries and institutions. The vacuum suction equipment is light and easy to handle.

  • Versatile extractor
  • Perfect for workshops

Technical data
Certifications CE
Noise level (dB(A)) 74
Compressed air requirement 1,6 Nm3/min at 7 bar for compressed air powered units (NE32)
Installation Indoor
Material Housing in sheet metal
Filter cleaning method One way filter
Application Dust, Liquid, Granulate, Swarf
Working pressure (kPa) 22
Dustbin volume (l) 40
Hose length (m) 7.5
Filter Area (m²) 0.35
Filter type Bag
Number of filter elements 1
Weight (kg) 51

Accessories for this product 11

Control S for NE 22-76
ArtNo: 43220001

Control S for NE 22-76

Control S for NE 22-76
ArtNo: 43220026

Control S for NE 22-76, wo/control box

Control S for NE86-96
ArtNo: 43222008

Control S for NE86-96, wo/control box

ArtNo: 43291001


Hose PE/C-51 L=7,5m w.couplers
ArtNo: 43812103

Hose PE/C-51 L=7,5m w.couplers

Floor nozzle, width 500 mm with small nylon wheels, Ø51
ArtNo: 43840150

Floor suct head d51/500

Cleaning pipe, length 1100 mm, Ø51 mm
ArtNo: 43842001

Suction pipe d51 PEHD-el 1m

Elbow pipe, Ø51 mm
ArtNo: 43842150

Suct pipe bend d51 antist

Scraper nozzle, length: 500 mm Ø51
ArtNo: 43851050

Scraping tool d51 l500

Toothed nozzle width 130 mm, Ø51
ArtNo: 43861001

Hand suct head pp d51

Cone nozzle Length 250 mm, Ø51
ArtNo: 43862001

Conical nozzle d51