Industrial vacuum cleaner 221A

Technical data
Certifications CE
Filter type Cartridge
Number of filter elements 1
Filter material Microfibre
Type of hose PE/C
Compressed air requirement 3,0 Nm3/min
Max airflow (m³/h) 342
Noise level (dB(A)) 75,5
Max vaccum (kPa) -52
Hose length (m) 7,5
Hose diameter (mm) 51
Note With cleaning set, brush, conical and toothed nozzle

Accessories for this product 3

Control S for NE 22-76
ArtNo: 43220001

Control S for NE 22-76

Control S for NE 22-76
ArtNo: 43220026

Control S for NE 22-76, wo/control box

Control S for NE86-96
ArtNo: 43222008

Control S for NE86-96, wo/control box