Industrial vacuum cleaner 426 A

Vacuum for extraction of dry waste and powders

Industrial dry vacuum cleaner 426A is designed for removal and collection of industrial waste and spillage. This powerful dry vacuum suction unit comes equipped with a silo and cyclonic pre-separatior before the filter, ensuring efficient collection of large quantities of material. The 426A Industrial vacuum can also be equipped with a HEPA filter for finer particles. The industrial vacuum cleaner includes slots for handling by forklift. Special swiveling, locking wheels are sized to increase mobility, and make the handling of heavy loads especially easy. The dry vacuum's cyclonic silo is equipped with a manual valve

  • Pre-separation in silo
  • Manual filter cleaning prolongs the filter's lifetime
  • Forklift handling

Technical data
Certifications CE
Installation Outdoor, Indoor
Filter cleaning method Reverse air pulse
Application Dust, Granulate, Grit, Swarf
Dustbin volume (l) 58 l cyclonic silo + 47 l dust bin
Hose length (m) 7,5
Filter Area (m²) 1,56
Filter type Cartridge
Number of filter elements 1
Filter material Microfibre
Weight (kg) 119
Hose length (m) 7,5
Hose diameter (mm) 51
Note Manual discharge valve

Accessories for this product 5

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