Liquid collector 014A

Well suited for extraction of liquids

Handy ejector-driven drum filler for collection and transport of oil, chemicals, water and other liquids. It is placed in a bung-hole (R 2”) of an empty but suitable oil drum. By connecting the unit to a compressed air hose and a suction hose, it is ready for use. Suction stops when the drum is full, due to the built-in float stop. The ejector is easy to mount on a variarity of drums. Drum is not included.

  • Simple and robust ejector
  • No filter is needed
  • Drum is not included
  • Easy handling

Technical data
Certifications CE
Noise level (dB(A)) 80
Compressed air requirement 7 bar
Compressed air consumption 0,7 Nm3/min
Installation Indoor
Material Hose in conductive PE
Application Liquid
Hose length (m) 5
Type of hose PE
Compressed air requirement 0,7 Nm3/min
Max airflow (m³/h) 132
Noise level (dB(A)) 80.0
Max vaccum (kPa) -23
Weight (kg) 8
Hose length (m) 5
Hose diameter (mm) 38