Waste oil rail

Flexible waste oil rail with cleanable filter for long lifetime. The covered rail secures a healthier and safer working environment in your vehicle service center.

Nederman Waste oil rail is a well covered rail prepared for ventilation to avoid odours in grease pits. High flow funnel and arms secure againts spillage, and is easily adjustable. The rail is mounted with a small incline along the work pit, which makes the waste oil automatically flow to the end of the rail where it is temporarily stored in an 80 litre tank with filter and pump control. The waste oil can then either be drained or be pumped into a central waste oil tank.

When the system is not in use, the arm unit can be positioned out of the way along the pit wall thanks to the swivelling arm and the adjustable height of the collection bowl. The rail can have either one or more trolley/arm units.

Oil temperature: max 90 °C

  • The covered rail prepared for ventilation improves the health and safety for personnel - avoiding odour and cancerogenic fumes.
  • The adjustable high flow funnel and arm is flexible, ergonomic and easy to move into right position to prevent spilage, thereby securing a safer work environment.
  • The flexible arm is easy to stow away to make space in the pit, when not used.
  • Intermediate tank with cleanable filter secures long lifetime of filter and optimized operation of the pump.

Technical data
Certifications CE
Installation Indoor
Material Aluminum rail, plastic tank and steel arm and bowl
Ambient temperature range −10 to +50 C (14 F to 122 F)

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