Empowering E-waste Recycling: Nederman’s MCP Dust Collector in Action

Driving environmental excellence in e-waste recycling.

Australia’s battery recycling programs are in crisis with less than 4% of all household batteries currently being recycled. At a time where environmental responsibility is paramount, innovative practices and products are required to address sustainability challenges.

ReSource, a Melbourne-based recycling company, provides a safe and environmentally responsible solution for the recycling of zinc and alkaline batteries. Acknowledging a crucial need for efficient dust collection in their recycling process a partnership was established. This partnership saw the installation of Nederman’s MCP Dust Collector become a key component of ReSource’s new recycling plant in Derrimut, Victoria.

Meeting the challenge - Transforming battery recycling through collaborative innovation

Founded in 2016, ReSource had a commitment to providing a safe and environmentally friendly solution to battery waste. Their recycling process required not just a vision but a practical implementation. It is in this context that we, as a global leader in industrial dust extraction and ventilation together with our partner, Chicago Blower Oceania, joined forces with ReSource.

In order to build a more environmentally friendly e-waste recycling facility, ReSource engaged with Nederman and Chicago Blower Oceania to tailor solutions to fulfil their environmental and safety objectives. Renowned for its remarkable performance and innovative design the MCP Dust Collector was able ensure ReSource was able to construct a more ecologically responsible e-waste recycling facility.

Meeting environmental standards with expertise

To ensure compliance with environmental requirements, the ReSource factory needed a dust collecting system that could effectively capture volatile compounds and airborne heavy metals included in e-waste. With efficient dust collection and real-time analytics, the Nederman MCP Dust Collector provided the ideal answer to these problems.

With our unique monitoring technology, Nederman Insight, the MCP dust collector enables users to gain control over filtration performance. It has an innovative cartridge design that maximises airflow while optimising the system’s footprint. This results in a reduced total cost through intelligent cleaning systems and long filter cartridge lifetimes. The unit is future-proof with a system that is IoT prepared - Insight Ready.  

A dust collection solution for a greener tomorrow

The MCP Dust Collector is an innovative example showcasing the positive environmental impact that technology can achieve. Its integration in ReSource’s newest recycling factory empowers sustainable e-waste recycling but also ensures workplace safety against strict industry compliance and regulations.

As you join the movement toward clearer air, safer workplaces and a sustainable future, discover more capabilities of our MCP Dust Collector and our other globally renowned air filtration products.

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