Design & Capability

Nederman are at the forefront of designing bespoke systems to suit your needs.


Nederman is the world leader in industrial air filtration solutions - Our depth of expertise and broad scope of technologies and global resources spanning more than 70 years allows us to meet practically any extraction application requirement. Nederman has developed the filtration technology being used for many industrial applications and has provided units and systems of nearly every size and scope imaginable. We have the engineering and development expertise to provide extraction solutions for any application including:

Dust and particulate 
Welding fumes 
Exhaust fumes
Solvent fumes 
Gases & odors
Explosive substances 
Oil mist
Centralized vacuum systems 

Engineering & Design Capability

Strong engineering ability has been a foundation of Nederman’s success in efficiently addressing air pollution control, process collection and fugitive dust collection for over 70 years. Our experience has resulted in Nederman engineering complete and state of the art solutions to some of the most complex industrial air filtration challenges in the market. Our experienced and skilled team of Sales Managers & Project Engineers are well versed in multiple client applications, scope of requirements and the bespoke creation of the most efficient and reliable solutions.

Nederman excels in the design and implementation of turnkey extraction & vacuum solutions. We perform a complete process analysis to assess critical operating conditions and performance objectives. Specific application information on dust type, size characteristics, gas stream chemistry, and physical location constraints are the key elements in proper design. The Nederman design will integrate all areas of equipment supply, from point source enclosure or capture hood to ducting to an outlet stack.

Our specialized and extensive experience, combined with our application of the latest in design tools, such as NedQuote & AutoCAD, translates into faster, more efficient design, procurement, and installation of your system.

Design experience includes work with corrosive and explosive materials, pyrophoric, bioactive dusts and other materials requiring special handling or concern. All of our systems are designed and installed to the latest COSHH regulations, ATEX regulations and HSE LEV legislative guidance such as HSG 258.

Installation & Commissioning

Nederman will execute a complete turnkey solution service to match your exacting requirements, providing full project management, supervision, on site coordination and installation / commissioning labour from start to finish.

Upon receipt and processing of your order one of our highly experienced & skilled Project Engineers will be assigned to your project, this engineer will be your dedicated contact for the duration of the installation & will coordinate all aspects of on-site works – upon completion & commissioning of the system our engineer will then facilitate your handover to our After sales & Service Team.

Our experienced and skilled teams are all up to date with the latest in on site safety training such as CSCS & IOSH.

A simple system with one pick up is a rarity. Nederman commissioning team is able to assist with start-up of your equipment and balancing of the branches so that proper dust capture is achieved at each pick up point. We provide training to make sure your team is comfortable with the day-to-day operation, maintenance, and troubleshooting of your new equipment. Once steady state conditions are reached, follow up visits can go a long way in ensuring the continued operation of your new dust collection equipment.

Commissioning of the installed system involves a thorough quantitive and qualitative system test against specification and design also included will be the electronic provision of logbook, operation and maintenance manuals & certification in accordance with the latest COSHH regulations & legislative requirements within HSG258, for ATEX approved systems the relevant certificate of conformity will also be provided.