Compact chip wringer/centrifuge

Centrifuge for coolant and metal chip/swarf separation

The metal chip wringer type VD40 is a compact-sized chip centrifuge that recovers coolant by centrifuging wet metal chips, while at the same time conveying the dried chips by blowing them to a distant bin.

The blower wringer type VD40 is intended as a smart and easy solution to dry and convey chips in applications with limited amount of swarf and coolant. In one step it will both dry and convey swarf and collect the recovered coolant in a tank.

Technical description chip centrifuge:
The chip centrifuge is very compact and robust with a minimum of floors pace requirement. It will fit under a normal machine tool conveyor. The blowing action eliminates the need for an output chip conveyor. The chips are continuously removed from the machining area keeping the working area clean. Ideal for high-speed chip removal at machining
centres and similar highproductive machines. Short wet chips with max. length of 20-30 mm (0.78-1.18") are fed into the inlet with a chip conveyor. Bar ends and long chip can be screened out with an optional bar end separator.

The chip, swarf and turnings enters the center of the bowl and is moved upwards at a high rotating speed. In the periphery of the bowl there is a wire wedge screen. The liquid goes through the screen and the dry chip is thrown out of the outlet/feed tube at a high speed generated by the vanes. The chip is collected in a chip bin and the coolant in a tank.

The metal chip wringer can be placed directly at the cutting machine, after the machine tool conveyor. It will take less space than a normal swarf bin. The wringer can also be part of a compact swarf bin.

The wringer can also be part of a compact swarf processing system incorporating feeding conveyors, bar end separators and additional equipment. The compact and solid design in combination with vibrations mounts makes the wringer silent in operation. Interlocking inspection lid, which provides access to the drum for easy inspection and service Dries wet metal chips to 1-3% residual dryness at a rate of 100-300 kg/h. Conveys the chips with an air stream to a distant container approx. 5-10 metres depending of elevation.

Not sold in the US

  • Very compact and robust
  • Eliminates the need for an output chip conveyor
  • Ideal for high-speed chip removal
  • Silent in operation

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