Stationary Air Filtration Systems

High performing fume extraction, dust collection and oil mist filtration solutions for every need

Dust collectors and filtering systems for extraction and filtration of dust, combustible dust, fumes and oil mist as well as waste management. Nederman´s solutions contribute to clean air for improved working conditions, lower environmental impact, production efficiency and compliance with laws and ATEX/NFPA regulations.

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Suitable for dust, welding fume, and debris. 2-stage filtration and fully automatic filter cleaning. Central inlet with velocity reducer.
FibreDrain® oil mist and oil smoke collectors are designed with the unique FibreDrain® filter technology to guarantee high filtration efficiency and long filter life also at high oil mist concentrations in continuous operation. The FibreDrain® oil mist collectors are modular which extends the possible air flow capacity over the maximum size in standard range. All units are prepared with sampling ports that can be used for Nederman Insight solutions, other control systems or measurements during operation. A wide range of accessories available to meet most application requirements. All standard units incorporates fan in compliance with ErP 2015 directive.
Oil mist collectors for high airflow capacities. These oil mist eliminators fit into a central system, connected to each machine. All models have a pressure gauge for filter controls as well as an indication for need of cleaning. The oil mist filter is self-draining.
The NFZ3000 is a modular baghouse dust collector designed for small to high air volumes and can handle large material concentrations.
The FMC cartridge filter is ideal for removal of fine dusts and fumes that can be irritating and harmful. It has a compact design and slide out filter removal system for easy maintenance..
Compact reverse jet tubular cartridge filters.
FlexFilter 13/18 is a high vacuum cartridge filter for use in applications where there is a high content of dry dust particles.
Reverse jet tubular bag dust collectors for many applications that generate light to heavy volumes of any dust.
Modular cassette filter, built for continuous use in industrial process filtration and dust collection applications.
A range of reverse jet cleaned tubular bag filters, suitable for extracting dust from continuous processes.
Auto-M Filters are mechanically cleaned bag dust collectors suitable for non-continuous duty for industrial, commercial and educational locations.
The SiloSafe is a compact reverse jet tubular cartridge dust collector, available as a venting filter or with an integral fan, was developed specifically for silo and bin venting applications.
Suction hoses and couplers for stationary filters.