Dust collection and recycling in woodworking

Woodworking Dust Collection and Recycling

Safety first - dust collection systems and waste management for combustible wood dust

Woodworking, involving everything from small hand tools to large CNCs, whether cutting, sanding, planing, edge banding, dowel drilling, and so on, can create large amounts of wood dust. To handle these various applications safely and efficiently, Nederman has developed a wide range of products and systems including dust collectors, piping / ducting, fans, conveyors, silos and automated control systems. These systems make it possible for customers to not only achieve a good working environment, but also recycle wood waste, which can represents a large economic value. 

Our dust collection are used in various wood working settings to reduce the impact on the environment from various woodworking processes and contributes to improved production economics and reduced environmental impact of industrial processes.  

  • Primary wood
  • Secondary wood working - small and medium workshops
  • Secondary wood working - large workshops
  • Wood briquetting
  • Incineration of wood waste

Dust collection

Wood dust collection and extraction is an essential service to improve air quality in working and surrounding environments and to enhance product quality. It is also necessary to maintain the operation of machinery due to the sensetive nature of the control systems. Nederman wood dust collectors are reliable, efficient and economical.

Combustible dust hazard

Another hazard associated with wood working is combustible dust. Nederman, also a recognized industry leader in safe handling of combustible dust, understands the full picture providing not only a dust collector but can design safe solutions that meet the requirements of ATEX and NFPA standards. 

Waste management

Wood waste can profitably be recycled into new material (i.e. MDF-board) or into energy if used as bio-fuel. Well designed and efficient wood waste handling installations have become a major part of the woodworking industry. Nederman, the world leaders in industrial air filtration, are very experienced in all wood based applications, ranging from centralized production plants to small product manufacture and finishing.