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How can factories and workshops comply with stricter chrome-6 regulations?


Several European countries have recently lowered their national chrome-6/chrome (VI) limit values, in some cases down to 0,001 mg/m3. That is a rather sharp reduction from the already comparatively low EU limit value of 0,005 mg/m3. This development has probably only just begun, and we can expect these limit values to decrease even further in the years to come – not only in Europe. So, what measures can companies take to adapt to these new regulations, and protect their personnel from chrome-6 exposure?

How to ensure clean air in an industrial workplace


Having clean air in the factory or workshop is a must for companies who wish to stay attractive and competitive. Clean air in industrial environments has gone from being an apparent contradiction to becoming a convenient, cost-saving reality, with numerous benefits to your personnel, productivity, and company brand.

Why having clean air in your factory or workshop is an easy and essential decision


Bad air quality. It is a term that conjures up images of congested highways, smog-filled cities, and chimneys spewing out smoke; some outdoor environment that you would most likely want to avoid, or protect yourself from. But bad air quality can be a severe problem in indoors environments as well. In many factories, workshops, and other industrial facilities, particulates from dust and/or fumes pose a danger to the personnel as well as the production process at large. However, there are smart, easy and efficient ways of averting these dangers, and ensuring clean air even in challenging industrial environments.

Alvic USA installing high-volume ATEX compliant dust collection system designed for safety and energy efficiency


When Alvic USA selected Nederman as a partner the goal was to acquire a dust collection system which is known to be very reliable while finding the best ratio between price and performance, capable to be easily expanded in the future and (operating) separately for different production departments. To mitigate the effects of dust explosions, Nedermans new product series CARZ-N Explosion Isolation Valves was installed meeting the more stringent ATEX test protocols and combustible dust safety standards.

Combining design and functionality in Volvo´s modern service center


In early March 2018, Volvo Bil AB opened its new Volvo Service Center in Torslanda in Gothenburg, Sweden. The dealership and the workshop, which had previously been located across the street from one another, were merged into a singular state-of-the-art service facility, serving approximately a thousand Volvo cars every week. A centralized oil distribution and extraction system, as well as a centralized vacuum cleaning system – both delivered and installed by Nederman – contribute to making it a modern car workshop that is safe, smart and sophisticated.