Immediate support and close co-operation to prevent breakdowns and reduce unnecessary costs

Is your service tech certified in Nederman products?

Nederman has certified service partners trained extensively in servicing our machinery. Make sure to choose a certified technician to service your Nederman equipment they have the right tools and knowledge to solve your machinery issues and improve your performance. From common simple fixes to complex machinery issues our certified partners will be able to help you get back up and running at peak efficiency. Be sure to ask if your technician is certified by Nederman.

When selecting Nederman premium equipment to support your operations, you select more than a solution. With the equipment comes the access to the world wide Nederman Service & Parts Network, supporting you with services, support and spare parts wherever you are.

When and where you need us

In order to support you, Nederman has a secure global supply chain of spare parts. Together with our local service capabilities, we help to minimize any interruptions of your operations. The range of the services offering varies between each sales and service company and between regions. We know that Nedermans’ solutions are often critical to customer operations so we always maintain high availability. 

Because, uptime is money

Many companies have Nederman products as an integral part of their production. These companies therefore need immediate support and close cooperation to prevent breakdowns and reduce unnecessary costs, a service that our engineers are dedicated to providing. Our service team of highly qualified engineers also secures you of compliance with regulations, and your own demands on your installation. With a high degree of availability, we partner with you to reduce your maintenance costs and total costs of ownership. 

Nederman service offers

Our services for dust collection systems are customized to your particular needs. We work with you to understand your needs, then develop a program to meet your specific needs. Our services include (not all services available in all locations):

  • Service contracts tailored to your needs, including functional inspection, ATEX and legal compliance inspections, preventive maintenance, repair, advice and reporting, see Service Care Agreements
  • Written Service Reports
  • Training Programs
  • Helpdesk
  • On-going Technical Support
  • Troubleshooting / Auditing
  • Emergency Call-outs
  • Preventative Maintenance Programs
  • Retrofits and upgrades
  • Bag Change-outs
  • Bag Selection Recommendations
  • Collector Re-builds
  • Dye Testing for Leakage
  • Electrical Tests - Current, Voltage and Power Factor
  • Filter Media Analysis
  • Mechanical Survey and Repair
  • New Collector Start-up Service
  • Repair and Replace Gauges/Timers/Valves
  • Stack Emission Testing
  • Replacements with original spare parts
  • Velocity, Pressure and Temperature Tests

 The worldwide Nederman Service Network is there for you!

Nederman Services India:

At Nederman India it is our endeavor to provide Right Care to our customers. To reaffirm our commitment to provide the best of our services to our customers we are happy to help you with the most efficient service team trained extensively in servicing our world class products. We are backed up with the thorough knowledge to solve all machinery issues and improve the performance. Be it usual simple fixes to complex machinery issues our service team will be able to help you to minimize variability while running at peak efficiency.

Nederman Spare Parts are designed with the same exacting standards as used in Nederman manufacturing plants around the world, Nederman India has a secure global supply chain of genuine spare parts in association with our local available service support, helping you to minimize any interruptions of your valuable operations. 

We work with you to understand your needs, then develop a program to meet your specific needs. Our offer includes:

  • Supply of Nederman Genuine Spare parts
  • AMC/Service contracts tailored to your needs
  • Training Programs for operators/maintenance team
  • Troubleshooting / Auditing of the existing systems
  • Retrofits and upgrades of the existing systems to an energy efficient system
  • Replacements services with original spare parts
  • Verification of air velocity, Pressure and Temperature at designated points
  • Support the customers to carry out emission level tests by third party
  • Upgradation of the old systems to Nederman Insight – a real-time data monitoring system on your fingertips (Mobile, Tab, Laptop etc.)

Nederman India service supports operated from following Locations

Delhi – Northern Region | Pune – Western Region

Bangalore – Southern Region | Jamshedpur – Eastern Region

Nederman has Service Engineers based in all parts of the country to provide effective and prompt After Sales Service

Nederman India genuine service supports assures you with comply with international codes, standards, and approvals ensuring Minimizing variability, reduced costs, and increase safety. 

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