Welding and Thermal Cutting

Total fume and dust extraction solutions to improve the safety and efficiency of metal fabrication and cutting processes.

Welding and cutting fumes cause health problems and negatively affect production. The result is reduced capacity, re-occurring disturbances and eventually decreased profit. Not only welders are at risk in unsafe environments. The production equipment, as well as end products, are negatively affected from the lack of adequate safety measures. Automated welding equipment such as robots - and the operators - can be subject to residual welding fumes and also need to be protected. Good safety and health is good business.

  • Improve workplace environment
  • Protect your workers health
  • Protect equipment and processes
  • Reduce production disturbances and improve profit

Nederman offers everything from single welding fume extractors to complete welding fume extraction systems. We carry out feasibility studies and planning for Welding and Metal fabrication industries. Our design department is most willing to assist by producing suggestions and specifications in our CAD system. Using our calculation system we can present complete customer specific layout alternatives and solutions including costing. Installation work and commissioning are also parts of our services. Our After Sales service encompasses everything from emergency repairs to scheduled maintenance.

Safe and efficient welding and cutting processes

Control of exposure to welding fumes can usually be achieved with the help of extraction and ventilation. The choice of technique depends on the circumstances. The aim is to capture the welding fumes as close to the source as possible. This protects not only the welder but also other workers. Nederman systems are designed to extract welding smoke from a number of workstations but are also used for cleaning of workplaces and machines. The product range also includes portable fume extractors for welding fume extraction, hose reels for gas and compressed air, and cable reels for electric power.

Welding fume extraction at source – the most effective way to extract fumes

Wherever it is a viable solution, it has been proven that extraction at source is the most efficient method of capturing and removing welding and similar fumes. Using this method, the risk of the welder or operator being subject to hazardous fumes is minimized. Welding torches with integrated extraction allow the welder to work over big areas as well as inside constructions. It is also reduces heating and cooling costs by reducing the amount of heated / cooled air extracted from the premises.

Even welding robots must be protected

Welding operations using automated welding equipment require careful monitoring. Operators and service personnel overseeing robotic welding equipment can be subject to residual fumes and need to be protected in a similar way to manual workers. Nederman solutions for automatic welding processes include both on torch-extraction and extraction systems with hoods.

From energy wasting to energy saving

Letting the extraction system run when not in use is a big waste of energy. It takes more energy to heat and cool your facility when your fume extraction system is running when not in use, since the heated/cooled air is extracted out. Nederman offers several solutions to save energy and improve working conditions: With a Nederman fan inverter the fan operation is constantly adjusted to the number of extractions points in use to ensure the required airflow. The noise, which otherwise occurs in an underloaded system, is reduced. The easy-to-program fan timer starts and stops the fan depending on working hours, holidays etc. Combined with Nederman motorized dampers (automatic blast gates) which open and shut the connections to each extraction point, the efficiency and operation cost is further improved. Nederman fan control units (often used in smaller systems) activate the central fan only during welding operations. The fan can be activated manually or automatically at the time of welding.

Did you know?

In 2019, International Agency for Research on cancer (IARC) classified weld fume as a known carcinogen that can lead to lung cancer.

What is weld fume?

  • Welding fume is a complex mixture of gases and metals resulting from the base metal and filler metal being used
  • Many factors influence the worker exposure including the welding technique, amperage, base metal, consumable materials, part geometry and local environment
  • Extremely small. The small size poses a significant risk to inhalation and requires high efficiency filters to capture

Nederman Insight puts information at your fingertips, wherever you are. It not only provides you with valuable data on how your filter is working, but helps to build a broader understanding of your filtration system – its performance, maintenance needs, associated costs and potential improvements.

Here is how it works:

  1. Sensors monitor conditions in the filtration system   
  2. Data is securely uploaded to the cloud via an IoT gateway
  3. You can easily read and interpret this data via our web-based user interface or dashboards


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