Optimize production with oil mist filtration and industrial housekeeping

Metalworking using highly productive machinery with high cutting speeds produces metal dust and chips. Metalworking also generates oil mist which is a health risk to employees and may cause problems with CNC machinery. Microscopic liquid drops can affect sensitive electronics in machinery, which can result in sudden operational stops. Solving these problems by using Nederman's effective oil mist filtration and material handling systems open up major opportunities for reduced costs and increased revenues. 

Clean air in the workshop and a safe working environment

Oil mist can directly affect machine operators’ health and disrupt production. It also settles everywhere in the premises and causes floors and work surfaces to be dangerously slippery. Nederman products and systems keep machines and premises free from hazardous oil mist. The effects are prolonged life of coolant, decreased costs for chip handling, and higher prices for scrap material. Nederman products and systems also keep machines and premises free from scraps and our oil mist collectors purify the air.

Why you want to keep premises free from hazardous oil mist

  • Comply with indoor air quality regulations 
  • Prevent injuries and sick leave related to oil mist
  • Less maintenance and cleaning of machinery, electronics and controls

Industrial housekeeping

Cleaning a workplace or object with compressed air can damage machinery and people’s health and only moves the problem to another place. Nederman’s mobile and central vacuum and filtration systems keep objects, machinery and workplaces clean and collects turnings and dust that may have been deposited. Read more about industrial housekeeping

Helping metal working companies all over the world

We have an extensive experience in solving air contamination problems created by oils. Our solutions cover all types of workshop machinery, from conventional machines to the latest high-speed CNC equipment. We offer highly efficient filter solutions for numerous operations,  including grinding, turning, machining, drilling and hobbing. Nederman solutions help to achieve better working environments, reduced environmental impact and improved production efficiency.

Our products and solutions

We have long and extensive experience and a wide range of products and solutions for clean air in metalworking. If you need help finding the right solution for your needs, our experts will help you.  

Oil Mist Filter OMF/OSF Oil Mist Filter NOM Conveyors for metal chips & scrap Centrifuges for coolant & metal chip separation Coolant filters

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