Optimize production with metal chip/swarf management, coolant recycling and oil mist filtration

Metalworking using highly productive machinery with high cutting speeds requires large flows of coolant, and produces metal dust and chips. Metalworking also generates oil or coolant mist which is a health risk to employees and may cause problems with CNC machinery. Microscopic liquid drops can affect sensitive electronics in machinery, which can result in sudden operational stops. Solving these problems by using Nederman's effective oil mist filtration, material handling and coolant recycling systems open up major opportunities for reduced costs and increased revenues. 

The Nederman machining concept has been developed to provide metalworking companies with products and systems that cover their current and future needs. We are the only company in the world who has an overall picture of clean air challenges in metalworking and how to solve them. Our solutions help to achieve better working environments, reduced environmental impact and improved production efficiency.

Chip management

  • Better yield of refined metals
  • Less need for storage and handling of voluminous turnings

Mist collection/filtration

  • Comply with indoor air quality regulations 
  • Reduce sick leave
  • Less maintenance and cleaning of electronics and controls

Coolant recycling

  • Improve productivity and product quality through effective coolant handling
  • Reuse of coolants improve profitability and put less strain on the environment

Nederman solutions include systems for chip handling and processing, coolant filtration and oil/water separation. The effects are prolonged life of coolant, decreased costs for chip handling, and higher prices for scrap material. Nederman products and systems also keep machines and premises free from scraps and our oil mist collectors purify the air.