Magna Track ST

Exhaust extraction system for emergency stations with fewer runs

MagnaTrack ST is designed for stations with fewer runs. The free-hanging exhaust hose is equipped with a swivel attached to a balancer, which moves on the guide track. A switch on the track separates the entire hose assembly from the vehicle in a one-step process, minimizing stress or strain from the vehicle to the exhaust hose or ceiling brackets. MagnaTrack ST is available in lengths from 6 to 12 m (20 to 40 ft) and it fits vehicles with low mounted exhaust pipes.

  • Capacity: 1 vehicle per system
  • Exhaust pipes: low level tail pipes
  • Normal exit speed up to 15 km/h - 10 mph
  • For reverse-in (or drive-through)
  • Optional automatic start/stop device that offers: - Practical control of fan start/stop - Safe control of air quality (source ventilation automatically starts when vehicle engine starts) - Simple programming - Approval for radio equipment acc. to EC directives, FCC (USA) and IC (Canada)

Technical data
IP 67
Magna Track ST 6m/20'

ArtNo: 20807264

Magna Track ST 7m/23'

ArtNo: 20807164

Magna Track ST 9,5m/30'

ArtNo: 20807364

Magna Track ST 12m/40'

ArtNo: 20807464


Accessories for this product 10

Anchor plate shutter
ArtNo: 20371853

Spare Part MagnaSystem Anchor plate shutter

Anchor plate, shutter: in 3 parts
ArtNo: 20371868

Anchor plate, shutter: in 3 parts

Anchor plate for magnatrack.
ArtNo: 20372003

Spare Part MagnaSystem Anchor plate for magnatrack.

Lengthening shaft, HL nozzle
ArtNo: 20374359

Lengthening shaft, HL nozzle, detachable, L=1100mm

Twist support, HL nozzle
ArtNo: 20374364

Twist support, HL nozzle

Hose protection ø130/160 (Pair)
ArtNo: 20374428

Hose protection ø130/160 (Pair)

Radio transmitter vehicle GHz
ArtNo: 20376723

Accessory MagnaSystem Transmitter vehicle. Note! Only compatible with recivers in GHz version: 20376724

Radio Receiver GHz
ArtNo: 20376724

Receiver GHz. Note: Only compatible with transmitters in GHz version: 20376723 & 20376725

Handheld radio transmitter GHz
ArtNo: 20376725

Accessory MagnaSystem Transmitter remote controlled. Note! Only compatible with recivers in GHz version: 20376724

Program kit for radio system
ArtNo: 20376726

Program kit for radio system