Welding fume extraction in robotic welding deposit

Welding fume extraction in Robotic Welding deposit

Safe and healthy working environment, more efficient production and energy savings in limited space premises.

One of our customers in the welding industry built a new repair depot for robotic deposit welding of railway bogies but faced challenges to fit both welding robots and fume extraction systems in their limited space premises. With a compact Nederman fume extractor supplied by our partner, the customer could achieve a safe and healthy working environment, more efficient production and energy savings.

Challenges with fume extraction in limited space premises

Like in every welding operation, it is necessary to ensure that the welding fumes generated in the process are removed. The challenge in this case was the minimum free space in the workshop. The extraction system needed to be as compact as possible to fit in the depot together with the four simultaneously working welding robots. In addition, the extraction devices must not interfere with the welding process, or during loading and unloading operations of the workpieces.

Welding fume extraction by the source in robotic welding 

To help the customer, our partner supplied a solution with welding fume extraction directly from the source by using a special extraction nozzle, which was mounted directly on each robot’s welding torch. All 4 extraction nozzles were connected to a single centralized high vacuum system through flexible hoses which were attached to each welding robot and by pipelines installed under the floor and along the walls of the premises to not obstruct any activities in the workshop.

The heart of the system is Nederman FlexPak1000, which has a capacity sufficient for simultaneous operation of all 4 extraction points. Each nozzle is equipped with a TAV 50 MV-W valve to automatically start/stop the extraction when a particular robot is operating to save energy. In addition, the system has SA-GW swing arms with vertical drops for vacuum cleaning of metal dust, swarf and for general cleaning. The solution enabled the customer to achieve a safe and healthy working environment due to clean air in the facility, more efficient production, and energy savings by the automatic control of the system.

Benefits with a compact fume extractor from Nederman

  • Complete solution covering all technical aspects
  • Extraction directly at the source
  • Energy savings with automatic control
  • Long filter lifetime

Clean air brings additional values

  • Healthier and safer working environment
  • Higher efficiency
  • Premises and equipment free from dust and swarf
  • More attractive workplace for employees

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