Ensuring clean air in the welding industry is crucial for preventing serious health risks among welders, enhancing productivity and maintaining compliance with safety standards. Exposure to welding fumes, recognized as a known carcinogen, necessitates safe and compliant working environments to protect welders.

Whether operating a small welding workshop, field welding or a large scale automated factory, Nederman is dedicated to providing fume extraction solutions that meet your specific requirements. Regardless of the welding method employed, be it robotic, cobot, or manual, effective welding fume extraction is imperative to safeguard welders, sustain productivity, and compliance with rules and regulations.

Optimal fume extraction for an energy efficient and profitable operation

Capturing and filtering weld fume consumes energy so it is important to invest in a system that optimises energy efficiency to reduce operating costs and help manufacturers achieve their sustainability goals. Factors including method of capture, industrial ventilation design, filter media selection and proper service / maintenance practices all contribute to how energy efficient a fume extraction can be. 

For simple or complex systems, Nederman brings expertise and industry leading technology to ensure optimal energy efficiency for our customer’s fume extraction solutions. 


Our products and solutions

We have long and extensive experience and a wide range of products and solutions in welding fume extraction. If you need help finding the right solution for your needs, our experts and advisers will help you. 

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