Nederman’s history is building your future.

Airmaster, Disa, and Dantherm are all still well-known and trusted names within the air filtration industry. Where should you go for spare parts? Nederman, of course.

Many of these systems are still in operation protecting workforces throughout the UK. Nederman has been operating in the UK for over 30 years, during that time we have taken ownership of these trusted brands.

Nederman has acquired a number of companies over time, we still provide spare parts for these products:

  • 2010 Nederman acquired Dantherm Filtration
  • 2012 Nederman acquired Environmental Filtration Technologies
  • 2015 Nederman acquired Filtac AB & National Conveyers Company Inc.
  • 2017 Nederman acquired NEO Monitors AS
  • 2018 Nederman acquired Auburn Filtersense LLC
  • 2018 Nederman acquired Luwa Air Engineering AG

Legacy is important to Nederman, we know our history well and work very hard to uphold the excellent reputation we have built over 75 years, the brands we have acquired over the years have the same reputation and we work hard to uphold that too as part of our family of products.

Nederman continues to repair, supply spares and service these historic brands today. By maintaining legacy products in this way we continue to give our customers peace of mind that their systems will continue to live up to Nederman’s core values of protecting the planet, people and productivity.

If you are in need of spare parts for any of our historic brands, please get in touch using chat or our contact us page or give us a call.