The Search For The UK's Oldest Reel

Nederman was founded 75 years ago based on the simple idea that we could make a better hose reel, we know they were designed to last but it seems some last longer than others...

It all started 75 years ago... 

Did you know that Nederman’s first product was the humble hose reel? 75 years ago Philip Nederman set himself a task, to design and create a hose-reel that was better than anything else on the market.

75 years later and reels are still at the core of what we do. Why? Because our customers trust our hoses and reels, they are built to last. What we want to know is how long do they last? We run tests on them and we know how long a hose-reel will last if it is used 'x' amount of hours over 'y' amount of days and so on, but that’s just DATA. We want to see the real (reel) life story.

We are celebrating 75 years this year and in the UK we want to go right back to our roots. We are in search of the oldest functioning reel, any size, any type, any function we would love to have a photo of it. We already know of one that is still being used after 30+ years. 

To reward the finder/owner there is a prize available and we would really like to feature the reel and business on our social media.

If you have an old reel still in use in your workshop take a photo of the reel and its serial number and send it to and we shall announce the winner on our social media pages at the end of August 2019.