Nederman air filtration solutions for marine, shipping and offshore


Nederman provides products and solutions for marine industries where reliability comes first

Nederman offers solutions for collecting and transporting dry or wet materials in tough environments where demands on sturdy and reliable high performing equipment are of outmost importance. 

Explosive atmospheres – a potential risk

Dangerous substances in shipping and offshore industries, such as gas or residual oil in well sumps, are a potential risk to cause fires and explosions.

Nederman offers safe and reliable solutions for handling explosive dust and gases and products are designed to comply with ATEX directives. Nederman powerful vacuum units can collect and transport virtually anything that can flow through the hoses. Therefore, the vacuum units are widely used for cleaning jobs in engine rooms, blacksmith workshops, hull building halls, on deck and in machines, etc. Special solutions are also designed for stripping and cleaning of tanks, offshore and onshore in petrochemical industries. Nederman's heavy duty stainless steel vacuum unit for stripping cargo tanks and deep well sumps in shipping are ATEX approved by Det Norske Veritas and NEMKO.


  • Engine room and deck cleaning
  • Tank stripping


  • Cleaning operations in workshops, hull building halls
  • Machine cleaning
  • Grit recovery (blasting operations)


  • Drilling mud collection
  • Pump room, workshop and deck cleaning

Keep the workplace clean

The first and most important step is to minimize the occurrence of potentially explosive dust or powder by keeping the workplace clean and tidy. Nederman offers a wide range of industrial cleaning solutions from simple, light suction appliances to heavy duty, high capacity equipment.

Use approved equipment

Sparks and static discharges can easily start an explosion. By using machines and production equipment with enclosed electronic systems and adequate earthing, risks can be reduced. The Nederman ATEX-approved extraction arms, fans and filters are specially designed to ensure safe and efficient removal of hazardous fumes, vapours and dust.

Minimize the effects of the explosion

Risks and explosion effects can be minimized by installing the extraction equipment in a safe and correct way. This can be obtained, for example, by enclosing the equipment, or locating it in areas remote from the explosive environment. Nederman has wide experience of providing suitable solutions. These include extraction equipment complete with safety devices that prevent the spread of fires and widespread damage.

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