Frequency controlled compact high vacuum dust collector unit to be used for combustible dust applications. Typically 2-10 users.

The FlexPAK DX is a frequency controlled high vacuum dust collector for extraction of combustible dust. FlexPAK DX is suitable for cleaning the workplace, the shop floor and machines. It is also very suitable for on-tool applications. FlexPAK DX regulates the speed of the motor automatically depending on the vacuum demand. Compared to traditional controllers, FlexPAK DX provides an optimal, and well-balanced vacuum according to the need, ensuring energy-saving operation. The FlexPAK DX have different running modes to meet specific customer needs. The FlexPAK DX can easily switch between generating as much vacuum as possible, typically for applications with long piping or material transportation, or maintaining a constant vacuum level. There are 2 versions available, FlexPAK DX, equipped with a rupture disc for release of the explosion pressure and flame and FlexPAK DX F2 supplied with a flameless venting system that could be used indoors for some applications. Always reference the use in relation to product explosion properties and the extracted dust.

  • Easy to install
  • Built in PLC functions
  • Low operating cost
  • Reliable
  • Suitable for a wide range of applications

Technical data
Certifications CE, EX
Noise level (dB(A)) 70
Protection class IP 42
Installation Indoor, Outdoor
Material C2 according to ISO 12944-2
Suitable for combustible dust Yes
Filter cleaning method Reverse air pulse
Material recycling (% weight) 93,6
Application Granulate, Grit, Fumes, Swarf, Dust
Working pressure (kPa) 20-35
Dustbin volume (l) 70
Max Airflow (m3/h) 1300
Filter Area (m²) 6
Frequency (Hz) 50/60
No of phases 3
Filter type Bag
Number of filter elements 2
Compressed air requirement 6-7 bar
Max vaccum (kPa) 35
Inlet 150 mm
Weight (kg) 454
Note Filter elements - 2 (main and control filter)

Accessories for this product 9

Fire alarm complete.
ArtNo: 40116540

Firealarm filters complete. Activated when the temperature exeeds +140 Deg. C. If placed in EX zone, intrinsic safe circuit is required.

Flanged pipe Ø 150, 1 m
ArtNo: 40375263

Flanged pipe Ø 150, 1 m

Flanged bend 90º Ø 150
ArtNo: 40375264

Flanged bend 90º Ø 150

Bin Level Iindicator (BLI) EX
ArtNo: 40375269

BLI (Bin Level Indicator) EX

Diff.pressure switch 3-15 kPa NC
ArtNo: 40375273

Diff.pressure switch 3-15 kPa NC

Flanged pipe d150, 0,5m
ArtNo: 40376525

Flanged pipe d150, 0,5m

Flanged bend 45º Ø 150
ArtNo: 40376770

Flanged bend 45º Ø 150

Deflector 220x540
ArtNo: 40376771

Deflector 220x540