Reducing the risk of dust explosions with isolation

There are a couple of primary system designs to consider when designing a dust collection system for combustible dust. The most commonly used and one of Nederman´s primary solutions include explosion isolation flap (EIF) valves. 

An isolation system prevents explosions from propagating and thus minimizes the consequences of an explosion. The explosion isolation flap valves are designed to prevent a pressure wave created inside a dust collector, due to an explosion, from traveling upstream back to the work area the dust was extracted from, thus protecting the worker, machinery and the facility. 

Benefits of Nederman combustible dust solutions

SAFETY Protect people and production 

EXPERTISE Combustible dust experts with long experience and Nederman members on both
ATEX and NFPA committees

TRUST Leading manufacturer of both dust collector and explosion safety devices with
wide range of explosion isolation flap valves for all applications

COMPLIANCE CARZ and B-Flap Explosion Isolation Flap Valves are certified according to
ATEX standard and are NFPA compliant

Nederman now offers the widest range of explosion isolation flap valves 

Using our industry-leading knowledge of combustible dust and dust collection systems, addressing all the safety concerns and requirements of testing, we created our own test site at a rock quarry in Sweden to complete tests we couldn´t do at ATEX recognized test sites. This leads to Nederman having the largest offering of explosion flap valves in the market. 

All Nederman explosion isolation valves are tested and certified according to EN 16447:2014 for compliance with the ATEX Equipment Directive 2014/34/EU and NFPA 69. CARZ-N are also certified according to IECEx.

Nederman Explosion Isolation Flap Products and Solutions

 * Some limitations exist. See full technical data.

Selecting the right Nederman CARZ Explosion Isolation Flap Valve for your application

When selecting the correct explosion isolation valve, several parameters need to be understood and it all starts with the type and size of the system being installed. Whether extraction is done through high vacuum or low vacuum, negative pressure (pull) or positive pressure (push), or indoors or outdoors, Nederman has combustible dust system solutions and EIF valves to fit the application need.

Contact Nederman for assistance in selecting the correct explosion isolation valve or designing your compliant dust collection system. Nederman has a team of combustible dust experts who can evaluate your need and provide you with the right equipment to protect your workers, machinery and facility.

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