Futureproof woodworking dust collector – dust control for today and tomorrow

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Nederman has recently launched the LBR SmartFilter which is a high performing and futureproof woodworking dust collection system. The LBR SmartFilter incorporates exciting new features to the popular NF Filter design making it IIoT (Industrial Internet of Thing) ready with a new Insight control panel and family of sensors to monitor and control your dust collection system in an efficient manner – anytime and anywhere.

Every manufacturing operation is facing challenges associated with dust and air quality. Machinery efficiency, energy consumption, and overall operation productivity are all affected by the quality of the air. For a sustainable operation it´s essential to have a dust control system with up to date technology, it´s also vital to be compliant with laws and regulations as well as mitigating risk for fires or explosions from combustible dust.

The LBR SmartFilter was developed to meet today’s high expectations on quality and profitability and to enable efficient, safe, and sustainable productions in the woodworking industry. With this IIoT ready dust collector system you get full control of your factory air both today and in potential operation extensions in the future.

Top 5 advantages with the futureproof dust collector system

  • A proven solution with over 35,000 installations
  • Modular system available in a variety of configurations
  • Field expandability and IIoT ready controls that can be updated prepare the factory for future needs and possibilities
  • Sustainable and energy efficient with low operational costs
  • Regulatory compliant with both ATEX and NFPA standards

Dust control in the woodworking industry

The LBR SmartFilter is a reverse air dust collector suitable for heavy duty, industrial dust control applications. It´s a modular, configurable design that provides a high performing solution that meets your unique needs. A perfect dust control system for woodworking industries like manufacturing of furniture, cabinetry, flooring, doors and windows, sawmills, particle board, MDF, and other building materials.

The dust collector is designed for continuous duty operation in both overpressure (positive) and vacuum (negative) airflow arrangements and can handle air volumes over 500.000 m3/hr (300.000 ft3/min). This makes the modular, configurable design a great solution for potential operation extensions in the future. The new updated collector is sustainable with an effective recovery of waste material to be reused or recycled. It´s energy efficient which leads to low operating costs and has an expended filter lifetime with 5+ years typical filter life.

The dust collector is compliant with both ATEX and NFPA standards and minimizes the risks of dust exposure, noise, and combustible dust hazards for workers and the facility.

Air filtration monitoring with SmartFilter Sensors

To enable full control of your factory air, the LBR SmartFilter is designed with sensors to monitor performance at all times. The sensors detect critical components including pressure, airflow, dust bin level, emissions, and filter cleaning system performance. Different sensor packages, accessories, and applications are available based upon your configuration of the LBR, to meet your unique needs. The sensors are field installed and connected to the Nederman Insight Control panel where collected data can be uploaded to our Insight IIoT system. The connection of Insight is optional for the dust collection system and it can always be connected at future needs.

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LBR SmartFilter Dust Collector