Oil mist filtration and coolant collection and recycling

Production Efficiency Metalworking Industries

Improve productivity with effective and profitable chip handling, coolant filtration systems and oil mist filtration

Chip and coolant can be hidden treasures for every company working in metal. Nederman has helped many companies to uncover these treasures by designing solutions that recover and prolong the life of coolant and decrease the handling costs of chip while increasing its value. We also have an extensive experience in solving air contamination problems created by coolants. Our solutions cover all types of workshop machinery, from conventional machines to the latest high-speed CNC eqipment. We offer highly efficient filter solutions for numerous operations, including grinding, turning, machining, drilling and hobbing.

Profitable chip handling

Many companies produce more turnings than products from their incoming material. CNC lathes usually produce around 40-60 percent of turnings, which also contain large amounts of coolant. Consequently there is a lot to be gained from effective waste chip management. Clean turnings have a higher scrap value. Centrifugation of the turnings can help to extract, filter and return more than 90 per cent of the coolant back into production. By pressing the turnings into solid briquettes, companies can achieve further financial benefits through improved smelting and simpler waste management.

Cut costs for coolants and improve productivity

Clean coolants ensure highly effective machining with fine tolerances, while dirty coolant wears spindles, pumps and cutting tools. Coolants polluted by tramp oil are broken down by bacteria, loose their original properties and start smelling. There are high costs involved in changing coolant, operational stoppages, removal and disposal. 

Nederman’s solution for the constant filtration of coolants in full flow is the “Presto” program. The coolant is cleared of sediment, particles and tramp oil. Nederman has solutions for coolant filtration for many machines working in cells and groups. Investing in a proper coolant filtration system pays off very quickly.

Reduce airborn oil mist for cleaner environment

Oil mist almost always results in oily premises, equipment and products. Modern metalworking machinery is often controlled by sensitive electronics and production is lowered by unplanned disruptions – caused by contaminated circuit boards. Handling equipment and pieces of products coated in a thin film of oil is not acceptable working practice and definitely not production-friendly. Removing oil mist is therefore essential for workplace to grant safety and cleanliness. 

Nederman solutions for FibreDrain® oil mist filtration are designed for continuous operations in demanding airflow applications. Our unique FibreDrain® technology ensures superior separation performance and long filter media life, thus minimizing your overall costs and ensuring total peace of mind. A wide range of filters is available, covering the entire spectrum from wet to medium wet and semi dry (MQL) and dry applications.