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Wood dust collection and woodworking machinery warranties

Many manufacturers of CNCs and wood manufacturing machinery state in their product manuals and in the product warranty that a proper dust collector is required to be installed to maintain the warranty. If it is not done or not done correctly, warranties can be null and void. Nederman is a world leader in dust collection solution in the wood manufacturing industry and can assist in ensuring you install a proper dust collection system and to keep your machine running at full optimal performance.

Why is dust collection so important for your CNC and wood machinery? Dust, if not collected, can build up on the surfaces causing boards not to lay flat on the bed of the machine, causing surfaces to be machined at unwanted angles. Dust can also get into the rollers and bearings that allow your material to slide easily on the machine bed, lengthening machining time and affect surface quality.

Lastly, for machines that have optical and laser sensors, dust build-up causes higher level of maintenance to clean and protect these vital system components.
Protect your machinery investment, protect the finished product quality, and protect your machine efficiency by installing a proper dust collection system by Nederman.

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