Fan N24, Single phase

A centrifugal fan mainly designed for use with Nederman extraction products.

  • Compact
  • Easy to use

Technical data
Certifications CE
Noise level (dB(A)) 61 dB at 1200 m3/h
Installation Indoor, Outdoor
Application Dust, Fumes
Airflow (m³/h) 1500
Ambient temperature range -20º to +40º Celsius
Operating Temperature Max 60 C
Power Voltage (V) 230
Frequency (Hz) 50
No of phases 1
Amperage (A) 6,5
Weight (kg) 17
Power (kW) 0,75

Accessories for this product 31

PVC hose. Ø100mm. l=5m
ArtNo: 10500427

Pvc-hose. diam.100mm.L=5m

PVC-hose. Ø125mm. l=5m.
ArtNo: 10500527

Pvc-hose. diam.5". l=5m.

PVC-hose. Ø150mm. l=5m.
ArtNo: 10500627

Pvc-hose. diam.6". l=5m.

PVC-hose Ø 160mm. l=5m
ArtNo: 10511026

Pvc-hose diam. 160mm.L=5m

Inlet and outlet adaptor for hose Ø160 mm
ArtNo: 14322166

In- and outlet connection with

Guard net (1 pcs)
ArtNo: 14333181

Guard net for fan N16 and N24.

Adaptor Ø125/Ø100 mm
ArtNo: 14341077

Reducer. diam.125/100mm.

Adaptor Ø125/Ø75 mm
ArtNo: 14341080

Reducer. diam.125/75mm. black.

Wall bracket for silencer
ArtNo: 14343089

Wall bracket for silencer. pair.

Nozzle with magnet. 250 x 30 mm. Aluminium. Hose connection Ø100 mm.
ArtNo: 14500226

Nozzle. silumin. with magnet.

Split inlet Ø125 int. / 2xØ125 mm ext.
ArtNo: 14500726

Double adapter. diam.125mm/2x125mm.

Split inlet Ø125 int. / 2xØ75 mm ext.
ArtNo: 14500826

Double adapter. diam.125mm/2x75mm.

Silencer including quick release
ArtNo: 14502226

Silencer.Including quick release

Silencer for fan
ArtNo: 14502626

Silencer for fan

Coupling tube Ø75mm
ArtNo: 14503626

Connector 3"-3". (75mm).

Coupling tube Ø100mm
ArtNo: 14504626

Connector 4"-4". (100mm).

Coupling tube Ø125mm
ArtNo: 14505626

Connector 5"-5". (125mm).

Coupling tube Ø150mm
ArtNo: 14506626

Connector 6"-6". (150mm).

Stand for fans N10, N16 and N24
ArtNo: 14510126

Support bracket for N10/N16/N24 for fixed mounting. Incl guard net and inlet connection.

Inlet adaptor for hose Ø160 mm
ArtNo: 14510326

Adapter diam.=160mm.

Adaptor Ø160/ext. Ø75 mm
ArtNo: 14510426

Reducer inside diam=160mm. outside

Adaptor Ø160/ext. Ø100 mm
ArtNo: 14510526

Reducer inside diam=160mm. outside

Adaptor Ø160 ext./Ø125 mm
ArtNo: 14510626

Reducer inside diam=160mm. outside

Split inlet Ø160 int. / 2xØ100 mm ext.
ArtNo: 14510726

Split intake(t-tube).

Adaptor Ø160/Ø150 mm
ArtNo: 14511226

Adapter. diam 160/150mm.

Coupling tube Ø160mm
ArtNo: 14511326

Adapter diam=160mm

Support bracket for portable N16 and N24 fan
ArtNo: 14511426

Bracket for serial N16 and N24 portable

Manual fan control. 3,2 - 11,3 A, 1 phase.
ArtNo: 14518937

Fan Control Manual 1~ 3,2-11,5A

Automatic fan control. 3,2 - 11,3 A, 1 phase.
ArtNo: 14519337

Fan Contactor Autom 1~ 3,2-11,3A