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Combustible dust explosion isolation valves

Explosive or potentially explosive atmospheres occur in a wide variety of workplaces where process dust comprises fine aluminium dust, organic powders or other similar substances. They can also be found where flammable gases or fumes derived from chemicals or petroleum products are present. The consequences of explosions can be extensive. Besides causing direct injuries to employees, filter systems can be ruptured and contaminated air recirculated, with subsequent health risks.

Due to the fact that dust from most organic materials, synthetic materials and metals can explode, attention needs to be given to prevent dust explosions. The European Community passed two directives on explosive atmospheres / combustible dust called the ATEX directives.

The application of these two directives has led to increased protection against explosions, making various technical and organisational actions obligatory. As leading experts in industrial air filtration, Nederman develops ATEX compliant products that fulfill the highest safety requirements.

Compliance with additional requirements in accordance with national or local government regulations are the responsibility of the local Nederman sales company and the customer.

Nederman offers dust extraction systems fulfilling the ATEX demands

  • The explosion strength of the filter has been proven 
  • ATEX compliance is ensured by means of explosion relief doors or panels 
  • The risk of an explosion spreading may be prevented by installing safety equipment such as rotary valves, back pressure flaps, etc. 
  • Fans are ATEX certified for handling potentially explosive dust

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