High Vacuum Valves, TAV 100/150

Manual and automatic valves to maximize the efficiency of your high vacuum system.

The TAV 100 and TAV 150 valves are mainly used as shut-off valves in the main branches of the pipework system. Because the valves can be opened and closed automatically, the vacuum is always concentrated on the connections, extraction points or machines in operation at the time. This maximises the power of extraction, produces lower operating costs and minimizes the size of the vacuum unit.

Description of ATEX models
Depending on the variant and the application area, many of the TAV 100 and TAV 150 units are marked according to the ATEX Directive with the EX symbol and equipment category. All TAV 100 and TAV 150 variants with the EX symbol are category 3D equipment according to Directive 2014/34/EC. That means that these variants can be placed in zone 22 pursuant to Directive 1999/92/EC.
The manually controlled TAV 100 MA and TAV 150 MA are suitable for installation within the classified area (zone 22) even though they are not marked with the EX symbol. Manually controlled equipment does not fall under Directive 94/9/EC (ATEX), so these valves are not marked with the EX symbol.
Other valves without the EX symbol (AC/DC valves) are not suitable for ATEX and so should not be installed within the classified area. See table of part numbers below, where EX is included in the name, to see which are suitable for the classified area.

Technical data
Certifications CE, EX
Installation Indoor
Max vacuum (kPa) 50
Max pressure (kPa) 1000
Operating temperature range 0° to +40°C (32 F to 104 F)

Accessories for this product 7

AS-set microswitch P, for KV50 cpl.
ArtNo: 40141550

AS-set microswitch P

Hose (25m), PVC, for compressed air
ArtNo: 40650021

Tube 25m 6/4 plastic blue

Wire Connector 2,5 mm2, 1-pole.
ArtNo: 40730170

Konex clip

Pilot cable 2x0,75mm2 PVC L=100m
ArtNo: 40730403

Pilot cable 2x0,75mm2 PVC L=100m

Pilot cable 3x0,75mm2 PVC L=100m
ArtNo: 40730404

Pilot cable 3x0,75mm2 PVC L=100m