Fume Eliminator 860 - A new benchmark in portable fume extraction

Designed for enhanced functionality, better performance and higher safety in On-torch applications

On-torch extraction of welding fume and smoke offers important benefits over other methods for welding fume extraction. By integrating the extraction nozzle with the torch, the extraction is always accessible and correctly positioned for optimal extraction efficiency, leaving the user without the need to continuously reposition the extraction device. Fume Eliminator 860 is the best choice for mobile fume extraction because of its portability especially when you have confined work spaces.

Product highlights:

  • Significant higher performance
  • Adjustableairflow
  • Auto Start/Stop with fixed delay time
  • Reinforced Nanofiber filter
  • Compliant with ISO 21904

Performance boost and adjustable suction 

All welding torches require a different extraction flow - If the airflow is too high the shielding gas is extracted and the weld integrity is compromised. The new FE 860 is specifically developed for on-torch applications. We have now added the ability to adjust the suction with a knob on the control panel. The scale makes it easy for the user to learn what settings are correct for the specific torch and type of welding and the pressure-sensor automatically controls the motor to maintain the desired flow as the filter gets saturated. Once the maximum capacity of the motor has been reached an alarm lets the operator know that the filter is full. The increased capacity of the motor, the new 50 millimeter hose and the improved mechanical design, means performance is improved by 50% to 25 kPa and an airflow of 180 m3/h. The result is unit that works in more demanding on-torch applications and with longer filter life.

Reinforced Nanofiber filter and increased filter life

Higher efficiency means cleaner air. We consider Nanofiber as the superior choice of filter material today for disposable filters, mainly thanks to the high efficiency offered protecting the user from submicron particles. The FE 860 is equipped with a high efficiency F9 / MERV 14 Nanofiber filter which has also been reinforced to handle the higher pressure of the new motors. The filter is still 5.3 m2 but filter life is improved versus the old FE840/841, thanks to the boosted system performance.

The new filter will be fully backward compatible, suiting all FE 840 and 841’s as well and thereby offering all users the possibility to upgrade to a more efficient filter with longer lifespan. 


Safe On-torch extraction - compliant with ISO 21904

ISO 21904 is the new standard succeeding ISO 15012 (W3). According to the new standard a minimum airflow and speed at the nozzle is required to ensure that fumes are extracted. The torch manufacturers needs to supply data, a method and equipment how to measure that the flow is correct.

The user needs to be alerted of any type of malfunction resulting in the adequate airflow not being maintained. To safeguard the operator we have enhanced the functionality as follows:

  • Monitoring of filter status via a pressure sensor – the unit will give a warning then the filter is approximately 85% full and an alarm when the flow set by the user cannot be maintained.
  • Filter cartridge tested for efficiency class W3, min. 99%.
  • Reinforced filter cartridge with improved structural design to withstand higher negative pressure.

Visit our On-Torch Extraction page and know the many advantages this method offers.



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