Nederman myAir- Personalised service plans for a digital future

Our myAir service plans are designed to keep your workers breathing cleaner air and save you time and money.

Manufacturers are increasingly turning to advanced and digital services to boost operational productivity and profitability. With Nederman myAir, you can now enjoy a personalised service that caters directly to your clean air needs, built around SmartFilter technology, digital monitoring, and in-person support. Whether you’re a small or large-scale operation, just beginning your digital journey or fully digitalised, we have a service plan that fits your needs.

Digital air filtration service

Most manufacturers are not experts in air filtration and prefer to keep their focus on their operation. Visual inspections, troubleshooting through trial and error, and tedious compliance reporting all take time away from your core focus and may be difficult to prioritize. This is where Nederman myAir comes in. Our digital service offering provides live performance monitoring, maintenance alerts before failure, and automated compliance reporting that helps avoid costly downtime or distractions. With Nederman myAir, you can now focus on your core operations while we take care of your air filtration needs.


Nederman myAir building blocks

  • Digital monitoring module
    A cloud based software for filtration analytics and alarms. Enables remote monitoring and proactive troubleshooting. Subscription plans Perform and Perform Plus is available  according to your needs.

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  • Smart Filter Solutions
    Complete IoT enabled SmartFilter solution including dust collector, duct, fan, controller and control panel. Nederman Insight ready and future proof.

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  • Service & Support module
    On-site and On-line service support to secure uptime performance, proactive system monitoring and minimize maintenance costs.

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Nederman Insight- Ensure filtration system performance with ease using our industry-specific digital platform

Nederman Insight puts information at your fingertips, wherever you are. It not only provides you with valuable data on how your filter is working, but helps to build a broader understanding of your filtration system – its performance, maintenance needs, associated costs and potential improvements.

Here’s how it works:

  • Sensors monitor conditions in the filtration system   
  • Data is visualised on web-based dashboards and reports customised to your needs
  • You can easily read and interpret this data via our web-based user interface or dashboards
  • Monitor several systems in different factories remotely  in one place

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What makes SmartFilters different from traditional dust collectors?

Nederman’s SmartFilters have three key components that set them apart from traditional solutions in operation, usability and performance.

  1. Sensors- Sensors are installed to collect key performance metrics on the collector operation. These sensors can provide replace visual inspections, manual tracking or provide new data resulting in live, actionable information and less physical maintenance time
  2. Insight Control- A digital touchscreen controller to operate the filter while also collecting and visualising the collected sensor data in an easy to use HMI while also serving as a gateway for cloud connectivity
  3. Insight Platform- A cloud-based IIoT platform designed specifically for filtration applications that provides live monitoring and tracking of system performance. Live data is available via the web on any connected device

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Traditional service and support

Experienced field technicians and technical experts are available for maintenance and troubleshooting. SmartFilter technology further enhances their ability to quickly performance service and maintenance tasks or troubleshoot more efficiently. 

Through Nederman Insight, we can also offer remote monitoring services where we can periodically check in and provide proactive maintenance advice to avoid unplanned downtime. 

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How myAir works together with one of our products- MCP 

Our scalable offering includes the MCP SmartFilter solution, traditional on-site inspection and maintenance services, as well as a connected, digital monitoring service called Nederman Insight. With this comprehensive platform customers can proactively address filter-related issues and improve their overall operational efficiency.

The MCP is available with a suite of sensors based on your unique system configuration and operations needs to verify proper performance but also alert you when service is required. 


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 “Our IoT solution provides us with the right tools and clearly differentiates ourselves from our competitors

- David Gayol, Solutions Sales Manager, Spain

"With Insight you will be way more efficient when it comes to troubleshooting systems and be way more spot on with your corrective action"

- Joshua Green, Director Aftermarket & Service

Benefits of active monitoring and proper service

Nederman myAir is scalable by design to meet customers where their service and support needs are. Taking control of your clean air solutions keeps your operation running smoothly and efficiently.

5 reasons why our digital solution offer will increase your factory performance:

  1. Safety- Fume and dust pose risks to workers and facilities from exposure and potentially combustible dust hazards
  2. Productivity- Downtime is expensive, so extending maintenance intervals and reducing downtime of dust collection systems helps keep workers productive
  3. Maintenance- Most facilities lack expertise in operating dust collection air filtration equipment and optimizing performance
  4. Emissions- Poorly maintained filtration systems increase emissions, decrease energy efficiency and reduce component life
  5. Energy efficiency- Optimally designed and operated filtration systems reduce energy consumption and costs, improving sustainability

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