Extraction Arms and Vehicle Exhaust Removal Systems

Articulated extraction arms and vehicle exhaust removal systems

Nederman extraction arms and solutions for extraction of dust, exhaust and fumes directly at source protects your workers, the environment and your production from dangerous airborne fumes and dust

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The Original extraction arm is the perfect solution for extracting welding smoke, fumes and dust in workshops.
NEX MD is at the top of the range arms when it comes to high airflow and welding fume capture. The weld fume arm is designed for working with heavy smoke, vapors or non explosive dust.
Fume and dust extractor for heavy duty welding fume where high airflow and resistance to high temperatures are required.
ATEX approved dust extraction arm for industries where hygiene is a top priority.
Arms for extraction of fumes, aerosol suction and capturing of odors. A flexible, cost-efficient and convenient solution for laboratories, dental clinics and electronics industries.
ATEX approved acid-proof stainless steel arm and hood. Fulfills all requirements for use in environments containing explosive dust and gas, and very high hygienic demands.
Industrial vacuum extraction arms supporting up to 2 inch diameter vacuum hose.
Designed for working environments with non combustible or non corrosive fumes or vapors where space is limited.
Spring recoil exhaust extraction of vehicle exhaust fumes. The best solution in automotive service shops with standard ceiling heights and servicing vehicles class 1, class 2, class 3, class 4, class 5, and class 6.
Electric motor driven exhaust extraction of vehicle exhaust fumes. The best solution for service shops with a high ceiling, or overhead cranes, etc. have to be considered, or where high vehicles must pass.
Reliable and functional solution for all types of stationary vehicles. Available with balancer or a cord for manual hose suspension.
Zipper duct rail system for trasporting fumes or smoke captured with Nederman extraciton arms or vehicle exhaust extraction products.
Easy to handle vehicle exhaust extraction on rail for all types of workshops. Very high extraction efficiency. One extraction unit can serve several workbays.
Emergency vechicle exhuast extraction systems designed for vehicles in motion with source capture technology.
Vehicle exhaust extraction for moving vehicles with vertical stack engine exhaust pipes
High temperature resistant rubber and metal vehicle exhaust extraction nozzles to accommodate various types of vehicles and systems including European standard EURO 6 engines.
Fume Extraction kits for capturing odors from gluing or working with solvents. A convenient solution for capturing fumes in laboratories and electronics industries.
Balancer keeps the tool or hose lifted at all times. An integrated centrifugal brake prevents the balancer from recoiling too quickly, which minimizes the risk of personal injury and material damage.
Exhaust hoses, rail systems, ground systems and extension arms.