How to keep your woodworking installation safe, compliant & energy efficient

Dust generated by woodworking manufacturing processes creates serious health and safety risks to workers and assets. We will guide you how to secure your workplace.

Dust generated by woodworking manufacturing processes create serious health and safety risks to workers and assets. Left uncontrolled, the saw dust creates occupational hazards including poor indoor air quality, accumulation on machinery causing accelerated wear and tear and combustible dust risks including fires and explosions. Whether small- or large-scale shops, hand tools or automated CNC machines, woodworking manufacturers need effective dust collection solutions to create a safe and productive work environment. Further, proper handling of the collected wood waste is also an important aspect of dust collection system that may impact both profits and sustainability.


Nederman is The Clean Air Company and offers a complete line of wood dust collection equipment that provide the following benefits:

  • Improved worker and facility safety
  • Combustible dust compliance
  • Energy efficient operation
  • Flexibility for future expansion
  • Healthier, cleaner environment
  • Reduced machinery wear and tear
  • Increased productivity 
  • Improved product quality

Global leader in clean air solutions for woodworking

As the world’s leading provider of industrial air pollution control equipment, Nederman is your total solution provider for controlling woodworking dust. Whether the application is small or large, simple or complex, manual or automated, Nederman assesses each customers’ unique needs and develops solutions that effectively and efficiently protect your workers and factory.

  • Industry Expertise - Over 75 years of experience and tens of thousands of successful installations, you can trust Nederman to get job done right.
  • Comprehensive ApproachWe manufacture a full line of dust collectors and accessories and offer project, installation, commission and service support.
  • Solution RangeA robust line-up of products and services that meet the unique needs of the woodworking industry.
  • Quality and ReliabilityNederman solutions are engineered with quality and reliability in mind to avoid costly downtime and operational.
  • Global Presence - Regional sales offices and network of distribution partners uniquely position Nederman to support your local factory.
  • Sustainability A commitment to sustainable, clean air solutions that are energy efficient and reclaim waste material.


Nederman is ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 14001:2015 certified at each of our global manufacturing locations assuring our commitment to quality and sustainability.

Workplace Hazards and Regulations

Airborne Dust Exposure

Exposure to airborne wood and saw dust is a worker hazard to take seriously. The International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) considers wood dust a Group 1 human carcinogen and OSHA has set stringent exposure limits and recommends an exhaust ventilation system capturing the dust at the source as the preferred protection approach.


Combustible Dust


Risks of fires or explosions within the woodworking industry are well documented. In fact, the Combustible Dust Safety Institute estimates that roughly 25% of all industrial combustible dust incidents occur within woodworking factories.

NFPA logo


The National Fire Protection Agency (NFPA) publishes standards for proper handling and design of dust collection system including NFPA 654 and NFPA 664. ATEX directives for equipment design and workplace protection also serve as resources to help implement safe and compliant solutions.


Combustible standards may seem confusing and difficult to understand as it not only involves the full design, operation and maintenance of the complete dust collection system. It is important to consult with industry experts who are experienced with these full systems to mitigate the risk of combustible dust.



Wood Waste Management


Wood waste management from Nederman

Wood waste can profitably be recycled into new material (i.e. MDF-board) or into energy if used as bio-fuel. Well designed and efficient wood waste handling installations have become a major part of the woodworking industry. Nederman, the world leaders in industrial air filtration, are very experienced in all wood based applications, ranging from centralized production plants to small product manufacture and finishing.

The Clean Air Company

Nederman offers a comprehensive approach to clean air solutions for the woodworking industry. We consider ourselves a partner in our customers operation and are committed to helping them achieve a productive, profitable and sustainable future. Therefore, we provide complete, turn-key solutions beginning with the system design and continuing through the operation and service resulting in an effective, safe and efficient dust collection system.


Shaping the future of Clean Air


Nederman’s more than 2,400 employees are working every day to solve our customers clean air challenges in new and innovative ways. Our myAir approach that including our SmartFilter technology, our digital monitoring IoT platform Insight and our in-person services help our customers approach clean air in a whole new way.


For the woodworking industry, this brings new product features that can be operated and maintained in more effective and efficient ways than ever before allowing you to focus more on your core business and less on dust collection. In addition to happier, healthier and safety employees, improvements to productivity, machine reliability, safety and lower operating costs are all benefits of a high-performing dust collection system. With Nederman as a partner, together we can shape the future of clean air.


Our products and solutions

We have long and extensive experience and a wide range of products and solutions in wood dust collection. If you need help finding the right solution for your needs, our experts and advisers will help you. 

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