This is Nederman

Our mission is to protect people, planet and products from harmful effects of industrial processes. By doing that, we contribute to efficient production, environmental benefits and a safer workplace.

Clean air is a cornerstone of sustainable production. Dust and fumes generated during the manufacturing process must be efficiently captured to ensure product quality, equipment longevity, regulatory compliance and safe, healthy work environments. Manufacturing companies want to boost profitability by making their operations as efficient as possible. They must meet high environmental standards and keep employees safe from fumes and dust. Nederman can help on all counts – that’s how we create value. 

We offer products and solutions within industrial air filtration that meet high expectations on quality and profitability.  It is our mission to protect people, planet and products from harmful effects of industrial processes. By doing that, we contribute to efficient production, environmental benefits and a safer workplace.  

We´re determined to stay ahead of the curve

Our customers are adapting to this changing world – making production cleaner and more efficient, production systems more flexible and workplaces safer, applying the same high manufacturing standards wherever they operate. 

These companies want to work with suppliers that share their values and their commitment to sustainable production. Companies like Nederman.

Corporate Values

Read more about our values, what we stand for and what we believe in at Corporate Values

Nederman History

Read more about our long history of protecting people, planet and products from harmful effects of industrial processes at Nederman History.

Short facts

  • 1 900 employees in 25 countries
  • Distributors in an additional 30 countries 
  • 12 production facilities on 5 continents
  • Listed on NASDAQ OMX Stockholm, MidCap (NMAN)
  • Headquartered in Helsingborg, Sweden 

Our Sub-Brands


Nederman MikroPul

Nederman MikroPul, part of the Nederman Group, specialize in industrial air filtration for heavy process industries such as metal fabrication, power generation, mineral processing, chemical industry, and many more. Application knowledge and attention to detail has elevated Nederman MikroPul as an engineering and fabrication leader in the area of air pollution control. The company’s pulse-jet dust collector, invented in 1956, continue to be a standard for industrial air filtration.


Nederman Pneumafil

Pneumafil LLC., founded in 1946, is part of the Nederman Group since 2012. Pneumafil is a leader in providing air filtration products for the power generation and textile industries. The company manufactures gas turbine inlet air filtration systems for installations worldwide, designed to protect and enhance performance regardless of local environmental conditions. Pneumafil LLC also offers a diverse supply of filters and related media to meet all gas turbine inlet air system maintenance requirements. Solutions are offered under the brand name Nederman Pneumafil.


Nederman National Conveyors

National Conveyors Company, acquired by Nederman in 2015, has leading expertise in metal chip processing and ash handling systems and complements Nederman’s existing machining business. Examples of customers are metal machining plants, metal recyclers, solid fuel fired power plants, and more. National Conveyor’s mission is to provide innovatively designed and competitively priced bulk material handling systems by supplying premier quality equipment along with timely, accurate and professional service. Solutions are offered under the rel="noopener noreferrer" brand name Nederman National Conveyors.


Nederman Filtac

Nederman Filtac, part of Nederman Group since 2015, specialize in efficient solutions for oil mist filtration. With leading expertise in industrial process and air treatment, Nederman Filtac solutions include products for handling oil mist generated during metal machining. With the acquisition of Filtac AB, Nederman now offers the widest range of products and solutions for handling oil mist in the most optimal and cost-effective way in one-shift rel="noopener noreferrer" as well as continuous operations.



LCI Corporation, established in 1961, has been part of the Nederman Group since 2012. The company specializes in equipment and systems for the process industries. LCI’s product offering include two programs, each offering unique solutions to various segments of the process industries. The liquids applications program provides technologies for evaporation, drying, and filtration. The solids applications program provides technologies for extrusion, spheronization, feeding, and pelleting in the chemical industry. Solutions are offered under the brand name LCI.